Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aloha Mahalo: Part Four

We even went to a wedding in Maui! Bill's cousin, Taleni, was getting married on 11/11/11. Only problem? Arriving to the beach to see family I've never met and Bill hasn't seen in many years. There were FIVE wedding parties on this small beach at the same time. Wow, the eleven-eleven-eleven thing was quite popular. We had to search through the groups of people.

 OK, here's the couple we were looking for. And we arrived just at the start of the ceremony - perfect!

Beautiful bride.

Bill's Uncle David, his son and wife.

It is crazy how much David looks like his brothers. Elyse takes to everyone really, but I'm sure she liked him extra because he looks so much like her Grandpa Fred.

The beach was beautiful for photographing.

 My sandy girl had a fun time. And by sandy, I mean SANDY. We took a lot home with us. I even dumped some more out of the diaper bag yesterday.

Beautiful day. More to come!

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