Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aloha Mahalo: Part Two

Elyse loved the water - pools and beach. Sounds funny, but the beach was actually easier with her. With the pool, she wanted in, out, up and down the stairs, run around the compound, playing with the water to rinse off sandy toes, and all over again. However, any morning at the pool or beach made for one TIRED girl. She took three hour naps most every day - and we actually had to wake her! 

This was the beach out front of our hotel. We'd make trips from the pool to the beach - taking along more sand than we'd like to admit each trip.

Elyse's self-photo.

This was at Baby Beach - just outside of Lahaina. It has a protected lagoon area - so shallow and no waves. Perfect for baby (me too).

This was a night at Duke's - a restaurant at our resort. We had Hula Pie and Lava Flows. YUM!

Elyse's preferred way of travel.

This was at the Tiki Lounge in Kihei where they had the BEST thai pizza ever. Elyse's was experimenting with lemons. For the first time, she (kind of) enjoyed it!

More to come...

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busycooking said...

Her suit is so CUTE!!! xoxo


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