Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nothing Exciting - But My Kind of Day!

Today was a wonderful kind of day. We had absolutely nowhere to be.

Today was a lot of fun just being with my girl. She woke up early and I attempted to bring her to bed. She wasn't having that and wanted to play. We gave up after 30+ minutes and started our day.

I literally made recipes all day long from Pinterest. A breakfast casserole made from things we already had on hand (it was super YUM and Elyse-approved). We had pork chops in the crockpot (who knew you could put them in frozen? LOVE THAT) served with roasted sweet potatoes. I also threw together a quick dessert made with just angel food cake mix with cherry pie stirred in. It hit the spot for us and will be a little something to take with us when we visit my Grandpa at the nursing home tomorrow.

Lots of play with Elyse. She has suddenly become very interested in baby sign language. Initially, it was all about the "milk" sign, but now she just just signs "more" constantly. What's funny about it is it usually means when she is hungry and/or thirsty - not to mention, can you please just get me what I want even though I don't know what it is please! She hasn't figured out the "hungry" sign, she has given up on the "milk" sign and now "more" is the catch-all for everything. Quite funny.

Beginning to pack for our upcoming vacation. Do these shorts still fit Elyse? Hmmmm.... How many shoes do we need? As I piled up the clothes to pack, she would grab them and fling them across the room. Yes, it was a bit of an extra effort to address this task with her - but it is part of the fun.

Sorting outgrown baby clothes. This girl is in the 90th percentile and a lot of sorting clothes around here as we out grow out of stuff quicker than I can keep up with.

Lots of laundry. Hanging clothes, stuffing diapers.

Oh, and playing with my new Ipad! Yes, Bill got me an Ipad and I - I mean WE - just love it. Yes, Elyse loves it too. It has a pink smart cover so whenever she sees that flash of pink she grabs for it. It will be perfect for our long airplane rides to help us keep her entertained. She likes the different apps including Incredibooth that takes photobooth style filmstrips (as seen above).

How was your day?

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