Sunday, June 10, 2012

A This and a That

First up, it is garage sale season 'round here. Marcie, Elyse and I hit a good one yesterday in a big neighborhood near here. Elyse spied this baby and well, could you have said no to this face?

My favorites of the day were the couple riding around on their tandem bicycle with walkie talkie headphones on their heads. LOVE it. We also got a kick out of a guy chasing me down asking me how much we paid for our stroller brand new. I LOVED telling him, "We got it at a garage sale!!"

I mean, I do love Nordstrom and there are certain things that are worth buying new, but there are a whole lot more things I have no problem buying secondhand. It is cheaper, greener, and more fun when you find a good deal!

Here's a find from a garage sale from last weekend. It is actually from my friend, Wendy! Great way for our gal to burn off some energy!

Speaking of deals, check out these super cute shoes I found for Elyse on Ebay. They are still too big, but will be super fun this fall or winter!

Next up, is a quick pic from last week's playgroup. Here is Elyse next to two of her friends - Gabby and Lucien. In this picture, you can really tell the size difference. Yes, these two are in the smaller of the growth percentiles and Elyse is in the larger (she is in the 90th percentile for height/weight). And - just to keep it real - if one more person says to me, "Boy, she is a big girl" - yes, I might want to punch you (in my mind). Sorry, protective Mama here. I can't help it. You wouldn't believe the number of perfect strangers that say that to us! Grrrr...

More for keeping it real. We took Aunt Sue on a tour of our hometown last weekend. Here is where I grew up from sixth grade to high school. We had a lot of good memories in that little single-wide. My parents worked very hard for what we had. If I tell you often that I feel fortunate - here is just one example of why.

Lastly, here is a video of Elyse and I having one of our "Can You Say...?" sessions. She really has tons of words now, but it is still fun to do. PS: Her new term for milk is "cold".
Yes, you hear Christmas music in the background. She listens to music on her Ipod and you just never know what tune we are going to land on!
She is so fun. When she wants to listen to music on the Ipod, she asks for her "G". If she wants her coat or her shoes off, she says, "Owww." When she is all done with her food, she says, "Dada." Yes, toddler-speak can be confusing if you don't have the kiddo's dictionary!

Enjoy your day! I need to run, need to list some more things on Ebay before a little girl I know wakes up!

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