Sunday, July 22, 2012


My baby girl,

You definitely know what you want these days!

We will be driving down the road and you will shout, "Hand! Hand!" You want me to reach back to your car seat and hold your hand/touch your cheek. It isn't the most safe thing when I'm driving, but I've been known to oblige.

You are so polite. Even during a temper tantrum, if we hand you your milk you will say, "thank you" which sounds more like, "chay choo". You will belch and say, "Excuse me" or your version, "me me".

You still love your animals. We were at a restaurant last night and you were calling for Libby, "Biiiiiibbbbeeeee!" You love to feed Libby, yet scold her when you think she is doing something she shouldn't.

You love to be held and "Up Please" has transitioned to what used to sound like "apple" to a more mature "uppie".

You love lotion and beg for some for you... and your baby. If I use baby oil gel, you ask for a "bite" and yes, you'd eat it if I let you.

Lip gloss. You will run off with the wristlet from my purse / diaper bag and get out that lip gloss before I know it. If I'm getting ready, you will hold onto my legs and say, "pweeese" and motion to your lips so I will put some on you.

You are OBSESSED with iPods, phones, iPads, etc. We have an iTouch you call your "G" and we bring that out when we need a serious distraction for you.

You are still incredibly social. You say HI to everyone and even blow kisses.

You still love your sleep. You sleep ten hours and twelve when we don't have to wake you. Naps are once a day from two to three hours.

You love Dr. Suess' ABCs. We have been reading "Little Hoot" each night before bed. You love hearing about the little owl who likes to go to bed early (thanks Taryn!).

You insist on shoes coming off whenever inside asking that they be taken off (which sounds like "Owwww").

You are still a great eater. Your newest fave? Blue cheese dressing! You lick it off your fingers and even dig out the chunks of cheese.

You will pull my shirts off the rack when they are on their hangers on the drying rack and say, "Cute! Cute!" Little fashionista.

You brush your teeth standing on your stepstool while I fix your hair. When time for me to brush your teeth, you insist on being held and we sing the entire ABC song.

I wished I had a video of you last night at Nordstrom. Marcie and I laughed as our friend, Athena, had you trying on all the Tory Burch flip flops! You entertained many customers! (except for two very large tantrums - oye!"

Baby Girl, You make us smile and laugh every day!

We love you so very much!

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