Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'll Get it, Mom!

We laid about seven yards of beauty bark in our backyard recently. That Friday night, Bill had a huge pile of it on our side yard. We all pitched in to help spread it - you can imagine Elyse was a big help. By the end of the night, we were all a sticky from sunscreen and sweat and had beauty bark all over us. Showers were welcomed that night!
The next day, Elyse ended up running through it without her shoes. She had teeny, tiny slivers in the bottom of her feet. She sat with Bill as I methodically went through and picked out as many as I could with tweezers. We even tried the credit card trick, packing and duct tape. There were still tons of them there, but everything I read on-line said it would be OK. They would work their way out - just watch for infection. I don't know - I still worried.

I couldn't help it. Each night after her bath, I'd work on her feet some more. I realized my OCD in finding all the slivers were affecting Elyse. She never complained that they hurt, but she started obsessing about them too. Pointing to her feet - trying to look at the bottoms.

One night, I let her have the tweezers and cracked up as she tried getting them out herself. Oh, this girl makes me laugh! Forgive the poor cell phone photos. Here we go!

Maybe if I put my foot up on the ottoman, I can see better.

OK, maybe I'll try sitting down.

Let's try this angle.

I think I got it!

Good laughs.

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1 comment:

Jessica said...

Funny! Remind me to tell you about my sliver story. Hope they all work their way out soon. You two are so funny!


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