Monday, March 9, 2015

A Month of Gratitude

Here are moments I captured with my phone during the month of November. And yes, it is March. I am behind. Very.

November 1. Thankful for my warm cup of coffee. Almond milk + stevia = YUM.

November 2. Grateful for this sweet four year old - who loves TOAST and Pacho (AKA, Paw Patrol).

November 2. Grateful for sweet girl in Mama's glasses.

November 3. Grateful for co-workers that make saying goodbye hard. And that drive to SEATTLE to get the cake for our party from Despi Delite. Sweetened with taro - deliciousness.

November 3. Thankful for this brave little girl who got THREE shots at the doctor plus nasal mist for flu. She did so well. (This is pre-shots).

 November 3. Thankful for, "I can't make muscles - I got bandages".

November 3. Grateful for little surprises left by my pumpkin. "Baby Kitty wants to sleep with you, Mommy".

November 4. Thankful for babies tucked in for naptime.

November 5. Thankful for chocolate milk buzz.

November 6. Thankful for a surprise cupcake at the end of the day.

November 5. Thankful for test results that come in the mail = good vs. phone call = bad.

November 7. Thankful for how my heart overflows for these two.

 November 8. Thankful for buds.

November 8. Thankful for a sunny, clear day midst the chill. Play sand and our trailer with a view of the water. I couldn't be happier.

November 8. Thankful for kinetic sand. It's the coolest. Especially when it comes with us on our trip. It's too cold to play at this beach!

 November 9. Thankful for sleeping in the car pictures. Can't.Stop.Taking.Them.

November 9. Thankful Christmas is coming. It is so fun to talk about with this very excited four year old. Until she wanted me to take a picture with this giraffe. She wanted to make sure Santa got the right one. YIKES!

November 10. Thankful for elk and my husband. Awesome!

November 10. Thankful for a beautifully sunny day at a Sequim lavender farm with my loves.

November 10. Thankful for my co-worker who is the first of about FIVE friends to actually take me up on my ice cream recommendation in NYC. Jeff, you are AWESOME. Big Gay Ice Cream Truck - and why yes, that is the Salty Pimp. Said it was so good he ate it twice. So jealous and so proud. Yay Jeff!

November 10. Thankful for four year old selfies. The giggles that go with it might be my favorite!

November 10. Thankful for the SUN. In November, it is a blessing in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and my little pumpkin pie in the sunlight is pretty special too.

November 11. Thankful for peach fuzz.

November 10. Thankful for our awesome trip to the Olympic Game Farm. This was my bread toss that led me feeling terrible, yet unable to stop giggling.

November 12. Thankful for co-workers and silly selfies.

November 12. Thankful for craft projects with my hubby to help to make a meaningful goodbye at work.

November 13. Thankful for Elsa princess nightgowns and bundling up so we can wear to Gram-Es when it is only 20ish degrees outside.

November 13. Thankful for this tasty, thoughtful and adorable gift! Lots of love at work this week! Must sugar detox stat!

November 14. Thankful for a bittersweet goodbye. Turned in my key card today - on to a new adventure. Couple weeks off and start new job December 2.

November 14. Thankful for a new office to move into. What a mess!

November 15. Thankful for her happy heart at Disney on Ice.

November 15. Thankful for precious memories. She got so excited to see Ariel - "Kiss the girl!"

November 16. Thankful for baking with my girl on a Sunday morning.

November 16. Thankful for my sweetie who cleaned out the freezer. We had 16 frozen bananas! I'm a banana bread/muffin makin' fool!

November 16. Thankful for Pandora. Why have I never considered this station before? I'm makin' love out of nothing at all.

November 17. Thankful to my Jennifer! She's more than a hairstylist - she is our matchmaker! XXOO

November 17. Thank for my girl who keeps herself busy during my hair appointments.

November 18. Thankful for dinners with good friends - who love on our girl.

November 19. Thankful for Elsa stickers from Mommy's doctor. They are best on your face.

November 19. Thankful for things that belonged to my Mom. Yes, this Vitamin C I just put on my face is about NINE years old. But, I just put it on with LOVE because it belonged to my Mom. And a prayer to go with it so it doesn't break me out (wink).

November 20. Thankful my friend Carin is here. So, so happy!

November 21. Thankful for this precious 20 year friendship. Love, love this girl.

November 23. Thankful for her sweetness - dying to tell Santa she wants a baby reindeer for Christmas. We've switched from giraffe, to Hello Kitty to a Christmas decoration from Target (the baby reindeer). What will be next?

November 23. Thankful for my dear college girlfriends - now lifelong family. My heart is full.

November 24. Feeling thankful to have had my dear friend here for four days. Yet, I just pain at the thought of driving her and her babe to the airport today.

November 24. Thankful for Big Hero 6 in 3D. We needed cheering after our tearful goodbye with Carin and Addy.

November 25. Thankful at 9 a.m. the princess is still sleeping after having a bad dream and coming to our bed.

November 26. Thankful for friends we love. Marcie and I made SIX pies - two pecan, two pumpkin and two grasshopper. Shaun brought us the homemade pie crust and the scotch for the pecan pie. Brewery City Pizza fueld our pie making and Jonnita and Jayna joined us too. Elyse loved on everyone and ended up putting herself to bed! Such a fun night. Grateful for our blessed night.

November 27. Thankful our Traeger came back on so our turkey finished cooking - even if it was three hours after dinner. Thankful our neighbors let us know our cat was in their house. Thankful we had power when only 23 in our county lost theirs. Sue was one of them and took her shower here. Thankful the two men who rang our doorbell at 2 a.m. and FREAKED us the FREAK out weren't here to kill us, but trying to return Carin's lost baggage. And thankful for these precious kiddos who are just dear to me. Awesome Thanksgiving!

November 28. Thankful for pulling out the Christmas decorations and watching the delight of my four year old. "Mommy, are you making the whole house Christmas and beautiful?"

November 29. Bill put up the Christmas lights today. Makes us all so happy!
November 29. Thankful for Christmas lights on her playset. "Oh Daddy, it looks perfect!"

November 30. Thankful for her. That is all.

 November 30. Thankful for a great visit with Ted and Jeannie.

November 30. Feeling so thankful for my marriage. I do not know where I would be if it were not for the love, support, kindness and caring from my husband. Ten best years of my life.


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