Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outta Here

Well, my family and friends - the time has come. My belly is all tumbly and my mind is racing with questions such as, Did I pack an extra pair of contacts, or didn't I? and other such nonsense. But, it's here and there's no more time for checking items off my to-do list. Molli and the kids pick us up at one p.m. and our flight leaves for LA about four p.m. We fly out of LAX at about nine p.m. toward Fiji. We arrive tomorrow morning, err... Saturday morning in Fiji where we take another inter-island flight and finally come to our hotel. Don't forget - 11 p.m. PST on Sunday is when we'll be exchanging our nuptials. It's a three-day weekend, so just an excuse to stay up late. We so appreciate you thinking and praying for us from afar.

I'll try really hard not to blog while we're away, but will try to sneak in a pic if I can. Although Bill isn't letting me take the laptop, so that would involve a hotel computer... so, maybe not! See you soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Has it been 16 years already?

Some of us "then" (crying after the "Senior Slide Show")
Courtney, Wendy, Sara, Elishia, Jenn, Amy & Krissy in back)
and now
Sara, Elishia, Allison, Rebecca, Jenn
Renee and Wendy

It took Rebecca flying in from Italy for a visit to get a group of us high school gals together for our own mini-reunion. In the 90s, we called ourselves the "GASP" girls. It was Renee (I just learned) who came up with the name all those years ago - penned after our get-togethers, which we deemed as Guys are Stupid Parties (GASP). GASP parties were overnighters, held at a variety of our homes, our Celicas, Suburbans and Tercels in a line-up on our driveways, always serving a variety of chocolate, talking - loudly - and usually over one another, singing Boyz II Men and Chicago (sitting in a circle, nonetheless), watching Wayne's World and SNL and then quoting it for the rest of the evening, watching the scene in A Room with a View with the naked men and rewinding it so many times I'm sure it ruined the video, and all this occurring with - of course - no guys.

Renee and her partner, Teka, were gracious enough to be our hostesses and Sara did all the planning - thanks, ladies! Renee lives on Black Lake, so we were hoping for a sunny afternoon, so the kids could swim and we could enjoying chatting, while basking in the rays. Sunday forecasts called for showers, and it ended up dumping! In true Northwest fashion, we had to quickly adjust and it ended up working out for the best! With the weather being so foul, we ended up huddling up under the carport leading to more conversation with us all hanging out in such tight quarters.

The GASP rules were loosened. We allowed men - We had our boyfriends, husbands and sons there. Now that I think about it, we didn't even have chocolate. Hmmm, we might need to remedy that one for the next time! But, everything else was there... We laughed and cried as we shared our stories from over the years of break-ups, death, marriage, triathlons, dating, adoption, divorce, child-rearing, medical issues and career choices. It was truly great to see everyone who came and we all shared how we felt instantly comfortable. Many of us said that we were a little intimidated beforehand - what should I wear?, etc. - but everyone quickly dismissed these notions when they remembered who would be there. I think it was Jennifer who said that it all felt very safe.

It was a great time with a group of wonderful, beautiful and accomplished women and I look forward to us getting together again!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Tonight, was bridal shower number three. It was a great way to round out the "shower" experience. It was perfect - dinner at the Water Street Café with gals from the office. We all had incredible dinners, yummy cocktails and just enjoyed ourselves. I am now hoping I didn't say anything too embarassing after downing that awesome mojito.

The ladies treated us to a very generous gift certificate to the
Washington Center for Performing Arts . I am very excited about that. They have great musicians, comedians and plays there. Wow! It will be so fun to choose what we go see! They also gave us a gift certificate to Cicada Restaurant - so we can do dinner and a show. We've been wanting to go to dinner there, but often are too cheap to treat ourselves to dinner at nice restaurants. When we go out for dinner, we usually end up at Mexican. That will be a real treat. Wow, is all I can really say. It was all so nice - it truly made me mist up. It was all very sweet!

It was a great evening and I enjoyed chatting and of course - laughing! I am fortunate to get to work with so many wonderful women. It was a good time!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Maybe not the most appropriate and to some it may be old news, but this is what is super funny to us lately (thanks, Jessica)! Click here. It cracks us up every time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shower Part Deux

I was fortunate enough to have another bridal shower today - this time mostly family. Sue and OJ were the hostesses and they did a great job! It was a great time and I feel very blessed.

OJ drove down from Everett the night before to help Sue get ready. Jody made another trip up from Portland to be there. Heather came and it was great to see her after so much time. Lots of my family members were there. Sue and OJ did so much planning to make it special. It was truly wonderful to see everyone there. Thank you!!
Check out OJ below singing opera to Birdie before she left.

Click here for all the pics!

Magster Update

Maggie is doing great now! She has a pink walking cast. The picture above kind of shows you how she gets around (it is too cute!). Francie, Jody and the kids came by last night for a visit and to bring by birthday gifts. Jody gave me the cutest purse made by her friend who has her own store at Etsy. Francie gave me some awesome gift certificates and the cutest spatulas with little cupcakes on them. Her card said "for the last birthday as Courtney W-----." I love it!
We had a wonderful visit! The kids played hard and romped around on Aunt Jody, Uncle Bill and Gana too. I gave the kids italian ice push-ups and we told them to stay on the hardwood floor. Well, when one of us would walk from the living room to the kitchen, they had to see what was going on, so they would scooch their sticky selves into the kitchen - back to their eating spot, into the kitchen - back to their eating spot. This left a little sticky "slug trails" down the hallway along with little handprints on the wall. Good thing it is all washable and yes, it is all worth it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking our Heart

Last night, we found out Maggie had broken her leg! She is only two! Oh, we were so upset! She's in a temporary splint now, but Monday she gets a waterproof cast, which to no one's surprise will be pink! Oh, poor Magster! We're just sick about it!

Earlier today, we had tried to check in on the little patient, but they had a pretty difficult night and were trying to catch up on some sleep. Instead, we just dropped off some stickers and things to try to be a distraction for Maggie and Tanner both. Did I happen to mention today is also Molli's birthday? Oh, yes! We also dropped off her birthday card and gift. Oh, my!

This evening, we went to Bill's best friend, Shaun's 40th birthday. It was a great BBQ - Shaun made some awesome smoked chicken and very tasty homemade BBQ sauce. It was great and we were happy to get to share in their celebration. We stopped by on our way home to see Molli and Maggie. Tom and Molli had planned to attend a wedding up North, but given the circumstances, Tom went and took Tanner. I don't know who we felt sorrier for. First, there was sweet little Maggie. She had just taken her liquid Vicodin when we got there and instead of making her sleepy it seemed to make her feel restless and that feeling of just not feeling satisified - whether it was what she wanted to do, where she wanted to be, what she wanted to eat, or who she wanted to be with. Then, there was poor Molli. What a birthday!! She was so tired, acting on very little sleep and feeling so bad for her baby girl trying to keep her content.

What a day! We wish there was more we could do for them to make it all better. For now, I am praying Maggie sleeps tonight!

Pasta Salad Recipe

Here is the pasta salad recipe from Marcie. She made it for the bridal shower and several have asked for it! Here you go - super easy!

The actual pasta is really the secret - it came from Cost Plus World Market. The dressing is a basic Italian dressing that you can purchase or make yourself. Marcie added cucumber, black olives, broccoli, yellow pepper, orange pepper (or whatever veggies you'd like). Let it set overnight for the flavor to go into the pasta. And, that is it - enjoy!


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