Thursday, January 1, 2009

About Me

Who am I?

I'm Courtney. I live with my best friend and husband, Bill and our sweet pea, baby daughter, Elyse. We have one crazy, bossy cat named Wilson who thinks he's a dog and loves to tangle with our young lab/border collie/bullmastiff mix pup named Libby. I'm a working Mama who enjoys her day job, but soaks up every moment I can get with my family.

I lost my Mom to ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease June of 2007 - she was only 51. Her diagnosis and eventual passing have forever changed me. I'm passionate about finding ways to support our local ALS chapter and helping those going through a difficult time due to a terminal illness or facing the loss of a loved one.

I've enjoyed learning to sew on my mother's sewing machine. I like long power-walks with my girlfriends. I adore watching my daughter grow, breathing in her sweet smell and melting when she smiles at me. I love photography and just about every night my nose is in a book or manual learning more about my camera and photography concepts. I love our home. I love to cook and entertain. I love to organize and de-clutter. I enjoy decorating, particularly when on a small budget or DIY.
One last thing. I've really enjoyed figuring out this blogging thing. It is fun.


Veriuska said...

I read a review you wrote for PBS...the rest is history.
1.- You are a beautiful couple
2.- I saw all your posted books on pregnancy: glad it worked!
3.- I love your cat
4.- I like your blog. I started one but have not really gotten into it..should...ah, I rather spend the time reading
5.- I am newly retired. Crochet baby blankets: Would you like one?

Jenn said...

What a beautiful picture of you two!
I lost my mom (when she was 51!... to cancer)
My baby was only 4 months old... hard times!
My heart is with you ~ =) Glad you found my blog today! after browsing your blog a bit... I think we have a few things in common!!!

Do you have Google Connect Friend follow? or just RSS? I need to have my hubby work with me on RSS again!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely family ... your mom is with you - simply in a different way.

Do a Search for owls Roy and Dale in Chula Vista, CA - and Molly and McGee in San Marcos, CA.

The live cams are wowlderful!!

Love your space here.

Gentle as you go,


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