Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dog Pack

Yesterday, our friends Ron and Roxanna stopped by. Their house is up for sale so they had to leave home during an open house - of course bringing their furry friends with them. Oh, I don't miss those days.
It was great to catch up with them. While we chatted - Baxter and Bailey (brother and sister Goldendoodles) romped in the backyard with Annie and Libby. It turned out to be quite difficult to snap their photo as these guys were all over the place. It was funny to see them run back and forth from window to window on our patio as you'd see Baxter and Bailey ... and Libby running not far behind!


Storms24 said...

If you think the dogs can run all over the place, wait to you babysit three little girls! I think you & Bill should travel to the mid-West and spend a week with you nieces! :) ('Course, we could bring them to you... :)

Bill said...

Are you crazy? I'm having a hard enough time with two dogs and a cat.


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