Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pregnancy and Baby

Sharing the News and More
Baby's Heartbeat

Cloth Diapers - Why We Chose to Do It
Cloth Diapers - How it is Going

Our Nursery - as featured on and

Week 13
Week 15
Week 17: Update and Flea Market Finds for Nursery
Week 18
Week 19: Update and It's a Girl!
Week 20: Update and Pics of Baby and Me
Week 21: Update and CA Girls Trip
Week 22: Update and College Visit
Week 23: Update and Nursery Progress
Week 24: Update and Nursery Furniture, New Belly Pic & Registry Info
Week 26: Update and Nursery Additions
Week 28: Update and New Belly Pic
Week 31: Gestational Diabetes and Ligament Pain, Oh My!
Week 33: Belly!
Week 34: Handmade Owl Mobile for Nursery
Week 34: Swelling!
Week 35: Classes Done
Week 35: Nursery: Chair and Ottoman Complete!
Week 36: 36 Week Ultrasound
Week 36: Burp Cloths, Laundry and other Nesting...
Week 37: Nursery Reveal and Post on WithTwoCats
Week 38: Belly Progress
Week 39: Belly Progress
Week 40: The Final Belly - We Made It!

Birth Story - Part One
Birth Story - Part Two

One Week Old
Two Weeks
Three Weeks
Four Weeks
Five Weeks
Six Weeks
Seven Weeks
Eight Weeks
Ten Weeks
THREE MONTHS (or 13 weeks)
Sixteen Weeks - Going back to work
Nineteen Weeks - Sick for the first time (more here)
Twenty Four Weeks - Starting Solids
SIX MONTHS - the half-year mark
Twenty Six Weeks - Babies and Their Dogs

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