Wednesday, August 4, 2010

34 Weeks: SWELLING

I posted on Facebook last night that I had faced a dilemma I'd never come across before. I HAVE NO SHOES TO WEAR! I take that back, I HAVE NO SHOES TO WEAR TO WORK!

My poor cousin faced swelling in her legs, ankles and feet early on in her pregnancy. I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen to me - WRONG! I had a little trouble in early July and bought a new pair of shoes. Oh, they were like pillows on my feet. Then, I left them at a family member's cabin over three hours away. I've struggled since and by the end of last week, it started to get worse. Monday, my sister-in-law came back from the cabin and returned my shoes. Guess what? They NO LONGER FIT. I tried wearing them yesterday secretly hoping they'd just stretch out. Instead, I found my swollen feet had simply conformed around the straps of the shoe. I took them off to elevate my feet underneath my desk and couldn't even get them back on! Bill and I went into town that night and got some Epsom salt and I did a cool water soak as I'd read on-line as a possible remedy. I elevated my feet afterward. I drank a bunch of water. I noticed a bit of relief, but still - I could not wear one pair of the many shoes I own - other than flip-flops.

I went to Macy's today at lunch out of pure desperation. The saleswoman measured my foot. Seems my foot hasn't grown in length - just width. We tried several options and nothing worked and she kept asking, "Can't you just wear flip-flops to work?" NOOOOO. I manage human resources. We coach supervisors on talking to their staff about appropriate dress attire. Good excuse or not, I just can't do it.

She found me a shoe. It is very wide. It is comfortable. It can be casual or dressy. It has an adjustable strap across the top part of my foot. It is actually cute. And, it was NOT on sale. With tax, it came to $125.00! Let me remind you, it is highly unlikely this shoe is going to fit me post-baby. This was a major violation for me. I don't like spending money on something that isn't going to last and it really makes me choke to buy a shoe not on sale. Shoes always go on sale - you just have to wait. Unless, you are in my situation and can't. Thus, my purchase.Let's do the math. If I wear these shoes every day until the baby's due date, these shoes will cost me $3.48 a day. Now, baby could come early which will raise the cost. Baby could come late, which will lower the price. And maybe, just maybe, with a little help of that adjustable strap, I'll be able to wear them next summer.

One can only hope.

PS: I had a hard time getting my wedding ring on this morning. I think it is next to go.

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Jen said...

Awwww....poor you!! I had this happen this first time (EDD Sept. 26): my rings were on a chain around my neck by the beginning of July and I was in flip flops 24/7 by the very end.

I was told, too, that SOMETIMES your feed are larger (even by a while size or two!) post pregnancy. It never happened to me....but apparently it can. Ahhh....the sweet surprises of pregnancy ;-)

I hope you're not too uncomfortable because of the swelling. And don't feel guilty about the shoes - you've gotta do what you've gotta do :-)


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