Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peek at Baby D

Turns out 36 week ultrasounds don't really show a whole lot. Baby D is head down (as we want her!), so we could only see the back of her head and little bum. We did see a glimpse of her face, but didn't get a great shot. The technician pointed out she's got a tiny bit of fuzz on  her head, but not much hair at all. So crazy that in just a few weeks we'll be seeing and holding her and not have to stare at fuzzy photos and videos. Wow.

While the doctor guessed by feeling my belly Baby D is six pounds, five ounces.... the tech's measurements show she is six pounds, eleven ounces. We're relieved and thankful she is a healthy size, but Baby don't feel the need to grow too much these last few weeks! Go easy on your Mama please! :-)

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