Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nursery: The Chair and Ottoman are Done!

About a year ago...Bill and I had recently begun trying to have a baby. We kept it pretty quiet, but I did share with a few close friends and Marcie was one of them. Marcie and I had finished a five-mile walk and were driving home on a late summer evening, when we saw this chair on the side of the road with a big sign that said FREE. We drove past it, turned around, checked it out again, then finally decided to stop to take a closer look. We thought it would perfect for our future nursery. Next thing you know, we were hauling it into the Jeep next to Libby.

When I got home, Bill wasn't quite as excited as we were. We were not yet pregnant, we had no nursery, and he was a little worried that the chair could be smelly (it was found outside after all) and wasn't too hip on bringing it in the house. We left it in the garage for a while and later brought it inside. Turned out, it was in great condition and not stinky at all. I sprayed it with a little Febreze for good measure and we put it in the spare room.

Fast forward to Spring 2010. We were pregnant. We were planning a nursery. Marcie and I were at an antique store in Bothell. We found an ottoman for $25.00. We called Bill and turns out it was the perfect height to go with the chair.

I chose some great fabric at Joann's and solicited the help of super-crafty Jonnita to help us make a slipcover for the chair and ottoman. Guess what she finished recently? I cannot even express how much I love it. She did an AMAZING job. I love it that it was a great deal. I love it that it has adorable fabric I was able to pick out. I love that the slipcover is handmade and absolutely LOVE that it was made with care by someone so excited about this coming baby.

Here it is! The chair and ottoman. Hooray!

PS: See the little gadget on the side table? That is an I-Home. It lights up and projects glowing color around the nursery. We'll be downloading white noise, womb sounds and lullabies for Baby D. Thank you, Karen and Ann for the awesome gift!


Annie said...


The Osborne Family - Est. 2008 said...

How cute is that? LOVE your owl theme. :) Baby D is very lucky to have such great parents!!

Robyn in Chicago said...

I lurve the fabric you chose for that chair! And so lucky you scored it for free (the chair, not the fabric). I just popped over from withTWOcats...your nursery is so darn cute. I am due in March and just starting to research ideas...how do you like the iHome?

Courtney said...

Robyn, we love the IHome. We're actually using it now for tunes the baby might not like as well. The colors are actually pretty neat. A friend just gave us a bunch of downloaded music - dryer sounds, ocean sounds, lullabies that will be just perfect! Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate you checking out the site!


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