Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Noah

I ask for your prayers today for my friend Rebecca and her family.

I recently shared about Rebecca, but I want to remind you. Rebecca and I went to high school together. She lives in Italy now and we stay in touch on Facebook and reconnect during her intermittent visits home to see her family (who still live in town). Rebecca and I were so excited to find out that we were pregnant at the same time - due within about a week of one another. We've shared all of our pregnancy concerns and woes from morning sickness to gestational diabetes testing. She came out for a visit recently and we were able to connect live. Bill and I had Rebecca and her son Kai over for dinner.

We also got together with some other girlfriends, including Renee who is also pregnant.

I was shocked to hear that Rebecca delivered her baby prematurely on July 22. Her son, Noah, was born not only premature, but with serious health issues and has been in the care of Children's Hospital in Seattle. I later learned that Rebecca never did make it back to Italy after all.

I am so saddened to share that Baby Noah passed away last evening. My heart breaks for my friend. I have felt so connected to Rebecca during our pregnancies, it just crushes me. I am thankful she had the time she did to show great love to her sweet little boy. Thanks for sharing this time in prayer for sweet Baby Noah and for my dear friend, Rebecca..

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