Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pregnancy Pact?


I've written before about the high school GASP friends here and here. As a reminder, GASP stands for "Guys are Stupid Parties." Funny thing is, none of us were man-haters. We just liked to be dramatic and pretend.

We do our best, about every six months, to try to get together. The whole group can never make it, for one reason or another, but no matter the combination it is always a great time. One of the gals is in town visiting from Italy. Bill and I actually had her and her adorable son, Kai, over for dinner Monday night.

Her little guy is so dang cute - I cannot even stand his cheeks. They are so squishy, I cannot even take it. He was such a trooper about all the "green" stuff in his dinner. We made it up to him with pretzel M&Ms for dessert.

What is super fun about Rebecca and me is that we are both pregnant. And not just pregnant - another person due at the same exact time in September! How fun is it too that at our GASP reunion this weekend, Renee came and she is due just three months after us!

(PS: ONE of these days I really need to get my behind into a class to learn how to use my camera on manual mode!!)

Check out Sara and Christina - they'd come straight from a wedding (Dang, no pictures of Jenn - our amazing hostess!!)

Old friends are the best. It doesn't matter how much time passes, we always pick up RIGHT where we left off. 

Love you girls!

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