Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seabeck Gals Getaway

Girls weekend hit the spot! This year it was Anna, Sue, Lisa, OJ and me. The four of us stopped at the cemetery on our way out, shed a few tears and then headed up to OJ's family's home on Hood Canal in Seabeck, WA. We had a GREAT time. The cabin is located right on the water.

RIGHT on the water.

OJ prepared a yummy dinner.

Pasta with freshly caught shrimp, caesar salad and marinated asparagus. YUM!

After dinner, she sang with the next door neighbor's dog - Juneau.

Then we took out the kayak.

She gets to do this everyday - so awesome!

OK, before you judge. YES, I should have worn a lifejacket. BUT, I will tell you, the water was super calm, I can swim and I didn't go far at all. Plus, I had four super cautious friends waiting to jump in if need be. I just wanted to say it was Baby D's first time on a kayak.

So fun. I want to do this again!

Nothing like it!

Sue was very excited about this!

She had a ball.

It was such a beautiful evening.

We LOVED the next door neighbor's dog, Bonnie. Sue and I both wanted to bring her home and we don't even want any other dogs!

What is a weekend getaway without a little late morning nap?

We went to Port Townsend on Saturday. We had a little stop on the Hood Canal Bridge as a boat was passing through so the bridge was up.

I still just love my camera.

Everyone just gets out of their cars to check things out waiting for the bridge to come down.

We didn't mind the wait.

We had snacks.

SUCH a beautiful day!

OJ's lovin' her new sweatshirt.

We had a great lunch once we got to town at a restaurant called El Sarape, of all things.

I liked this store. Not sure why. (smile)

Thanks everybody for such a great time. It was the PERFECT getaway and really helped me take my mind off things.

For all of the pictures from our weekend, here is our on-line photo album.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but if you want to peruse what made me laugh so hard I was crying and the girls were worried I might put myself in to labor, look here. Oh my gosh, this is the "photo booth" option on the Mac. It provided me hours of entertainment. I cannot remember the last time I've laughed that hard.

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