Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer is Potty Time!

We have eased into potty training. I took it up a notch this weekend and while I would not say we've been super-successful, it is a start for getting her comfortable.

We had all the goods for good potty making:
  • Warm backyard.
  • Cutie training undies.
  • Cinderella princess shoes.
  • Lemonade seltzer (an extra special treat)
  • Watermelon.
And then, Libby snatched her watermelon. Wow, did she get a scolding!

She threw a major tantrum the first time I put the training panties on her - wow! I almost thought it was a big mistake, but soon she was over it. PS: Major tantrums are a whole other issue - more to come.

We have this trainer on our toilet seat and we use a stepstool to help her climb up.

We got our training pants at Target - these and some colorful ones (shown). They allow her to feel when she is wet, but help absorb if a bigger accident.

I printed this Dora potty training chart and she gets a sticker each time she sits on the toilet. She gets a CELEBRATION when she goes in the potty. We're waiting for that party, by the way.

I set the timer on my phone and we go to the potty every 30 minutes.

We do no pants when the training undies are on. We are fortunate to have mostly hardwood. I encourage sitting on her wooden chairs when in the living room. When on the couch, I just put a towel or blanket under her just in case.

This is our routine when we are home, mostly easygoing and getting her used to going. We have had one accident and I may not have handled that the best (funny story for another time).


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