Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little Updates

We are definitely past the constant changes of baby and toddler-hood. Everything slows down at about two and a half.

If we are close, you have probably  heard me joke that I am plan to keep Elyse in a crib until she is 18. No big hurry on transitioning to a big girl bed here.

My friend Heide (parent of four) told me early on, "It is not IF she will climb out of her crib, but when". So, we waited for it. And waited for it. And she never did it! In her crib she has stayed.

She is a good sleeper anyway and this combined with an early wake-up of chatting and then going back to sleep - we have had many happy "sleep in" mornings to enjoy.

My personal advice - if your child isn't climbing out of their crib, it doesn't mess with your potty training and they and you aren't ready, they are fine staying in their crib.

At three and a half, we finally took the railing down. It just seemed like a fair time as any. She sleeps once in a while in our spare room and stopped falling off the bed (and it is much taller).

When I got home from work, she had to show me and told me her bed was "broken".

And then she thought it was cool. No big deal! I've been watching her on the monitor and she might get out to get a book or baby quickly, but gets right back into bed. On this particular day, I purposely left the blinds open so she could read before going down.

Another milestone - her first (or secondish) haircut. She actually had her first haircut at 13 months. We saved the hair, she got a sucker - all the cool stuff. It was just a bang trim and she had a couple more by Jennifer. Then, we stopped cutting her bangs and we never cut the rest. People would ask, "When are you going to cut her hair?" Kind of like the crib issue - I didn't know - just when the time was right.

After three and a half years of clips, elastics, ribbons and barrettes - it was time. One too many tangles had left the ends of her hair a little too straggly. Bill and I had overlapping appointments already - we thought it would perfect to add the Missy!

She wasn't too into it, but a little bribery, watching Frozen and holding Daddy's hand made it all better.

The tangly before.

Frozen makes it all good.

So does Daddy holding her hand.

This picture freaks me out - she looks so grown up.

The end!

She did so great - big girl! I didn't actually take an after picture. It really was just a trim and mostly just noticeable to us. Definitely still long and pretty.

 In another random happenings, Adrion spent the night with us a few weeks ago.

These two are very sweet together.

Someone (I will let you guess) can get a tad bossy however.

We celebrated an achievement with her and let her have one of her Valentine treats (curses to the parent that gave out fun dips!). Funny.

I'm surprised those fingers still aren't green!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, we had fun making hers for her friends at school.

She's been hit with a few bugs since the new year, but KNOCK ON WOOD, most have been short lived. Here was one day she awoke from a nap and we were going to a birthday dinner when she said her "mouth hurt" and she had a temp of 101. And - we suddenly weren't going anywhere.

Here is a day playing princesses in her room.


This robe kills me every time.

Glorious morning hair.

This is really digging back in the photos. This was back in January - play group at our house. Jaxin and Carson joined us.

Have I shared this already? If so, that's OK. I just love it. She is reading the Paleo Diet to Mama Kitty on Libby's bed. The. Best. Ever.

 And in true randomness - this is Chevy Chase, I mean Grandpa Brad! True awesomeness!

Speaking of this photo - it was displayed at Grandpa Keith's memorial service in February. Hard times.

At the reception after the funeral, there were cookies...and Uncles who easily hand out cookies... equating to good times for Elyse.

That is probably my most random post in a while, but had to catch up!

Currently, the girl is obsessed with going on an outing in our travel trailer. It is just now getting warm enough so we will have to plan that. She is so obsessed that I let her take a nap in her sleeping bag on the floor of her room just to get it out of her system. And her nap was at 10:30 a.m. because she was so into getting her hands on that sleeping bag.

Funny girl. Love her.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let it Go!

Like just about every young girl in America, Elyse is currently obsessed with Frozen. The day after Thanksgiving I took her to the movies for the first time. It was opening weekend for Frozen and honestly I knew nothing about it. When we were in line for snacks a young guy told us, "It isn't bad actually. It is about princesses." What!?  

Needless to say, Our first movie was a definite success. She sat on the edge of her seat in her 3D glasses in sheer amazement and happiness.

A couple of weeks ago, Frozen was available on iTunes for download. We downloaded it the same day. We watched it that night with Daddy. My Dad had gotten her the Frozen doll "Anna" for Christmas. When the movie started, she ran to her room to find her doll. She watched the entire movie holding Anna's hand.

Since then, we've watched the movie a "few" times since. Ha.

I can't really blame her. The movie is beautiful. The story is powerful. The music is stunning.

She is constantly talking about Elsa and Kristoff. 

She will start singing, "Let it Go, Let it Go...." mumble-mumble-nonsense 

"Be the good girl you always have to be" and then a little 
"'For the first time in forever, There'll be music, there'll be light..."

She pretends she is Elsa building frozen castles around her as she bellows. (got to get this on video)

She decided this morning she wanted her "superpowers" cape. Jonnita lovingly made this for her and one for her baby about six months ago. Not surprising in toddler-land, she wasn't into it. Until today.

Aren't those capes darling? I can't take it. Jonnita, you are amazing, talented, creative and loving. Thank you for sharing your love with us once again.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guess who came to Gram-Es?

Last week, Elyse had her day with Evelyn (Gram-E).

Evelyn had told me that morning Puget Sound Energy (PSE) was coming at 3:30 that afternoon to replace up to 50 of her light bulbs for FREE! I thought that was pretty cool and asked if I could get their number/details.

At pick-up time, she was giggling away and said, "Guess who came today?" She handed a card to me.

She said the guy from PSE came and Elyse was still sleeping. 

When she woke up, Elyse walked into the room where he was working and said, "Santa!!!" (I wish I could reenact Evelyn telling me this story - she was dying laughing!!!) 

She said he didn't even flinch and said, "Hello!"

Elyse immediately asks, "Did you eat all the cookies and the milk?" (Evelyn and I are bent over laughing as she recounts the story).

He says, "Oh yes! I love cookies!"

So, here is the PSE guy!

Elyse is very chatty these days. However, she is three so her stories are often nonsensical and repeats (Santa ate the cookies and milk, stuff about her birthday party, etc.) and hard to understand with her toddler enunciations. Evelyn said Santa understood everything she said and asked - they had quite the conversation! So funny! 

She is very into telling anyone and everyone that Santa ate all the cookies and milk at our house. She talks about it all the time - and had just repeated the story to Evelyn that morning. How cool to see Santa again in February!

And here is the card he gave her - look close - that is HIM in the picture.

It's not every day Santa comes to Grandma's house!! Maybe Santa can come to our house next! 

I love this story and I love Evelyn telling it, "And then.... And then... she asked, 'Did you eat all the cookies and milk?'"

Made my day!


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