Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guess who came to Gram-Es?

Last week, Elyse had her day with Evelyn (Gram-E).

Evelyn had told me that morning Puget Sound Energy (PSE) was coming at 3:30 that afternoon to replace up to 50 of her light bulbs for FREE! I thought that was pretty cool and asked if I could get their number/details.

At pick-up time, she was giggling away and said, "Guess who came today?" She handed a card to me.

She said the guy from PSE came and Elyse was still sleeping. 

When she woke up, Elyse walked into the room where he was working and said, "Santa!!!" (I wish I could reenact Evelyn telling me this story - she was dying laughing!!!) 

She said he didn't even flinch and said, "Hello!"

Elyse immediately asks, "Did you eat all the cookies and the milk?" (Evelyn and I are bent over laughing as she recounts the story).

He says, "Oh yes! I love cookies!"

So, here is the PSE guy!

Elyse is very chatty these days. However, she is three so her stories are often nonsensical and repeats (Santa ate the cookies and milk, stuff about her birthday party, etc.) and hard to understand with her toddler enunciations. Evelyn said Santa understood everything she said and asked - they had quite the conversation! So funny! 

She is very into telling anyone and everyone that Santa ate all the cookies and milk at our house. She talks about it all the time - and had just repeated the story to Evelyn that morning. How cool to see Santa again in February!

And here is the card he gave her - look close - that is HIM in the picture.

It's not every day Santa comes to Grandma's house!! Maybe Santa can come to our house next! 

I love this story and I love Evelyn telling it, "And then.... And then... she asked, 'Did you eat all the cookies and milk?'"

Made my day!

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