Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let it Go!

Like just about every young girl in America, Elyse is currently obsessed with Frozen. The day after Thanksgiving I took her to the movies for the first time. It was opening weekend for Frozen and honestly I knew nothing about it. When we were in line for snacks a young guy told us, "It isn't bad actually. It is about princesses." What!?  

Needless to say, Our first movie was a definite success. She sat on the edge of her seat in her 3D glasses in sheer amazement and happiness.

A couple of weeks ago, Frozen was available on iTunes for download. We downloaded it the same day. We watched it that night with Daddy. My Dad had gotten her the Frozen doll "Anna" for Christmas. When the movie started, she ran to her room to find her doll. She watched the entire movie holding Anna's hand.

Since then, we've watched the movie a "few" times since. Ha.

I can't really blame her. The movie is beautiful. The story is powerful. The music is stunning.

She is constantly talking about Elsa and Kristoff. 

She will start singing, "Let it Go, Let it Go...." mumble-mumble-nonsense 

"Be the good girl you always have to be" and then a little 
"'For the first time in forever, There'll be music, there'll be light..."

She pretends she is Elsa building frozen castles around her as she bellows. (got to get this on video)

She decided this morning she wanted her "superpowers" cape. Jonnita lovingly made this for her and one for her baby about six months ago. Not surprising in toddler-land, she wasn't into it. Until today.

Aren't those capes darling? I can't take it. Jonnita, you are amazing, talented, creative and loving. Thank you for sharing your love with us once again.

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