Monday, October 20, 2008

We Love Jim Claskey Rose!

Girls weekend was VERY fun! Marcie had a conference in Las Vegas staying at Mandalay Bay, so Alyson and I both went along for fun. Marcie attended the conference with a co-worker, Heidi, who also invited a friend, Rachel. We also got to visit my friends Lisle and Diane - which was great.

Here are the list of fun memories:

Alyson wanted to go see Gym Class Heroes at the House of Blues. She and Marcie kept talking about it and I just couldn't figure out who Jim Claskey Rose was? Say it out loud - get it? Jim Claskey Rose / Gym Class Heroes was the joke of the entire weekend.

First night, Marcie headed out with the other two girls to Caesar's for shopping. She said for us to catch a cab and meet up with them. Al and I are cheapskates so we walked - in the wrong shoes. My feet were so messed up when we also WALKED THE ENTIRE WAY BACK. I took off my shoes - but that didn't last long once I started walking in glass. My feet were also solid black. It was sick. Alyson had bought tennis shoes at Caesar's so I wore her size 11s on the way back. They were laughing at me going "clippity clop" all the way home. I was so grrrrrumpy - which made them laugh all the more!

Alyson hit it off with a waiter - she named him Estefan and he was Gloria. We still are wishing they'd exchange numbers.

Alyson kept saying she couldn't believe how high up our hotel room was for being on the fourth floor (except we were on the 12th).

Alyson and I entertaining ourselves with hats and sunglasses at Urban Outfitters. We laughed way too hard!

We had drinks bought for us the last night and Alyson gave out her phone number only to get 13 text messages while we were at Mamma Mia wanting us to come meet them at the bar Minus Five (no, that did not happen). (But, we LOVED Mamma Mia!)

All in all - great fun with awesome friends. Good times!


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Hole Punchers

This weekend Tom and Molli had a rare weekend away together and Tanner and Maggie came to spend it with us. Bill made ribs for Saturday night on his new Traeger smoker/grill. Man, he loves that thing and the results have definitely been delish! Fred and Francie came over with Bill's Aunt Julie and cousins, Mike and Amy, here visiting from Utah. It was our first big meal at the new table (woo woo). Ribs + kids + carpet = disaster, so we'd planned to set the kids up in the family room. Tanner wasn't so into that, so Amy helped me rig up a system to allow them to eat with us and save the carpet in the dining room (who puts carpet in a dining room anyway??).
Somehow Uncle Bill is always good at making up games with the kids. Below is the run and crash - "hole puncher" game they played with him.

Good times!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Five Mile Troopers

The Saturday, October 4th Walk to D'Feet ALS was definitely a success. Our group ended up being: Dad, Scott, Corey, Keri, Carson, Francie, Molli, Tanner, Maggie, OJ, Lynn and me! It was VERY wet. At one point Lynn said to me, "At least it isn't windy on top of the rain...." Well, we spoke too soon! It became increasingly more blustery, soaking our shoes and socks and tossing around our umbrellas (for those of us carrying them). The kids weren't very happy by the end of the walk - actually Carson held up the best. But, we did it.

We walked for ALS - for those just diagnosed, those currently suffering, for those who have lost their battles - and for Mom. We felt her presence heavily that morning. We laughed and cried for her and certainly - we missed her.

Afterward, in true Mom-fashion - we went to Mexican. It was Dad, Scott, the girls and I and we had a great lunch at
The Matador in Tacoma. It is my new favorite Mexican restaurant. Jessica and I discovered it during bargaining last year. Have you tried it? It is very delish!


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