Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spreadin' the News

As I shared in yesterday's post, we planned to tell family in a variety of ways. We had cards to go out at "just" the right time, phone calls lined up and visits planned. Now, I knew the visits might have some kinks because we couldn't plan everything in advance without people wondering what was up.

Friday we "planned" to stop by Fred and Francie's and figured Tanner and Maggie would be there. T&M were at home with their babysitter and F&F would be home shortly. So, quick plan change. We decided to tell our niece and nephew first!

We had little shirts for them that said "BIG CUZ: Tanner" and Maggie's said, "I'm getting a new baby cousin." They were super excited when we showed up with gifts. Here they are tearing into them.

As they pulled the shirts out, I had to explain what they said and what they meant. It still wasn't sinking in yet though.

And here it is - BAM! It clicks. Maggie is tickled and Tanner... Oh my, Tanner. I should have seen this coming.

Have I mentioned that Tanner and I have had a great connection since he was a baby? He loves his Aunt Courtney - and vice versa. He was NOT having this. His words, "I am NOT happy about this baby one bit!" He ran off with his shirt to hide it.

OK, back to Maggie. I knew she'd be happy. She learned last Spring about how babies grow in bellies. She was convinced there was one growing in mine. I was like - oh no. Her Mom figured I had a secret then, but nope, that was all Maggie!

Here's Tanner's shirt. I literally had to pry it from him to get a picture of it (notice the wrinkles). Hmmmm - hopefully he gets over this soon. Or some year. :-) We actually have them next weekend and I am trying to plan something special to make up for it. We'll see!

NEXT, it was on to Bill's parent's house. Have I mentioned HOW FUN THIS IS? Francie's birthday is next week, so our plan for them was easy. We just said we had an early gift for her and couldn't wait. It is a little handmade plate with a bluebird that says, "Can't Wait to Meet You, Grandma. Love, Baby." She opened the package, looked at the plate and then - BAM - It clicks. She squealed with delight. Fred was across the room and still didn't get it even after Francie pulled out the ultrasound photo - "AND AN ULTRASOUND TOO?!"!! I went over to show Fred and he was just as excited.

We headed home as Corey and Carson were stopping by after work. I told Corey we need some advice on concrete block (not a total lie) and I had something for him. He opened his gift of a baby onesie that said, "I Love Uncle Corey" and looked at me and said, "Did I just read what I think I did?" as he pulled it out of the tissue! Excitement.

We told Carson and he didn't really understand (he's two after all), but he was happy because we were happy!

Keri came over and we went out for Mexican dinner. Keri said she had wondered last month when we went to dinner. I've been trying so hard to conceal not feeling well and asked, "How did you know?"  She said, "You ordered Sprite with dinner. You never order that." Wow! That girl is good!

The next day we went to Grandma Jo's. We left her a message that morning and told her what time we'd be over. We arrived to find Grandpa alone. He said she never checks the answering machine and she had just left for the store adding, "She usually takes a really long time." We were so disappointed! We just sat and visited and decided to let Gramps in on the secret. We said we'd come back Sunday morning and tell Grandma. I wish I had a picture of his reaction. He just gasped and sat there was his mouth open. He said, "I promise I won't tell her. It'll be hard, but I won't tell her." So cute.

We then headed up to Seattle. It was Deana's birthday the day before and we were meeting Brad and Deana at their RV in Bothell to go to dinner in downtown Seattle. I gave them the gifts and said, "Here are Deana's gifts, but they are joint gifts so you have to open them together." Brad opened his first. It is a Martha Stewart brand pillow called the "Grandpa". We taped our ultrasound photo to it. Of course he thought this was about Talea so we told him to read the name on the ultrasound! He was so excited, "Really? Really? Now I have someone to take to the punkin' patch!" Deana was so excited she could barely open hers, a bib that says, "I Love Grandma." They were just tickled!

What a fun 24 hours! I felt a little sick after dinner - although it had NOTHING to do with the our awesome dinner. We visited for a while, left Bothell at 8 p.m. and I literally slept the whole way home and went right to bed when we got back. I even slept in until 9 a.m. Sunday. I cannot believe how exhausted I was.

Grandma left a message, "I won't be home until 2:30 Sunday. Don't know what you are bringing by, but I don't want to cancel my plans." UGH! She's killing me making me wait to tell her.

I had a baby shower that afternoon (I know, timely) and stopped by afterward. Needless to say, she was more than happy. She also got a plate, "Can't wait to meet you, Great Grandma. Love, Baby".

She took one look at that plate and knew exactly what it meant.

She told me, "I'm gonna be a good Great Grandma. And I'm gonna love it whether it's a boy or a girl." So sweet.

Fun, fun weekend.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


With much anticipation and insurmountable excitement, Bill and I would like to share with you that we’re EXPECTING A BABY in early September – the day after Bill’s birthday. We’re finally ready to share with the world as we’ve heard the heartbeat and even seen our little one on an ultrasound (yes, there is definitely only one!). We are about to enter the second trimester.

Why have we kept it quiet? This is such a personal decision for many couples. For us, we understand the sobering reality of the possibility of miscarriage in those early weeks. Our clinic even told us they’ve had many early term miscarriages lately. If, God forbid, anything did go wrong we didn’t want to have that random person that “heard it from someone else” ask how the baby is doing. We know we’re not totally out of the woods. There is a miracle going on in my belly and anything could happen. But, the percentage of that frightening possibility is now much smaller.

I’ve felt like a liar so many times and personally my best tactic for not telling is avoidance. I’ve had my share of awkward moments, like the night I was out to dinner with my girlfriends and one of them leaned in and whispered, “How’s the baby?” I looked at her not sure what to say and she said, “Your dog. How is your puppy?” Oh my, that was a close one!

Some people were really hard to keep it from – OJ for one. However, I just thought about how excited she’d be if I could tell her and explain the risky period was already over. We wanted to share this news with everyone when all of us could be excited. We haven’t even been ready to hear the word “congratulations” up until now. Our nurse was the first one to say those words on our voicemail and we winced a bit hearing it. However, we are now ready to celebrate – with you.

Announcements. One very fun thing about waiting (if you can stand it), is being able to tell family members in fun and unique ways. It is such a gift and when it is planned, you can do it a little creatively. We’re telling everyone differently. Sweet cards have gone out in the mail. Little gifts have been purchased. Phone calls planned. 

This is the best part and what has carried me though the many days (and nights) of feeling so tired and sick.

When did we find out? We found out January 4, 2010. It was a Monday and we both had the day off planning to see the movie Avatar. I took a pregnancy test that morning and was surprised, yet curious when there was a second faint line. I had planned in my mind how I would tell Bill – and let me tell you. This was not it. I just asked him, “Look at this. A second line showed up. Usually nothing shows up, but it is so faint. What do you think?”

I got on the computer and Google’d “faint line pregnancy test.” I found some surprising results. The majority of what I read said if you have a faint line, your body is detecting pregnancy hormones. It probably isn’t a strong test (mine was from the dollar store). You’re likely newly pregnant and that line will just get darker as the days pass.

Several purchased tests later (digital made things pretty obvious!) and a trip to the doctor the next day to check my blood work – our pregnancy was confirmed!

How has it been going? Oh, my. Just ask Bill. As I mentioned, I’ve been sick, sick, sick. I am incredibly tired and 7:30 p.m. has been my normal time to turn in. My hormones have been raging (again, poor Bill). He has been such a trooper – he’s taken on all of the household duties. He has been an amazing support. I couldn’t have made it through without him. No, I’m not showing and probably won’t for a bit longer. Nausea has started to improve – rather than constant terrible sickness everyday – I now have more good days than bad. Thank goodness! That part has been rough!

Now that the cat's out of the bag, I can also tell you this. My sister and I are due one day apart! When I found out she was pregnant it was crazy not saying anything, but again, we were cautious. Well, now here you go - ten years apart in age and pregnant at the same time and I'm due just one day before her. Wow.

Next, I hope to post some photos from a couple of our announcements. Thanks for sharing in our exciting news!


B & C

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day With the Jay

OJ was coming to Bainbridge Island to watch a friend with a lead in the symphony and I decided I'd join her. We met at Kitsap Mall and did a little shopping. We drove through Poulsbo (I cannot believe I've never been there - it is so cute!!) and onto Bainbridge. We checked into our hotel and checked restaurant reviews on-line.

We ended up having a wonderful early dinner at a little waterfront pub and snapped some fun pictures afterward.

I just loved these little rock sculptures on the beach.

We ended up not going to the symphony that night (OJ decided to catch the Sunday matinee). Instead, we went and saw Valentine's Day (cute) and popped in a few shops. We spent the next morning in Poulsbo and had a great lunch before we parted ways. OJ wanted me to snap a picture of our pizza. It was so good - everything tasted so fresh!

It was very fun catching up with a good friend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Now Famous... OK Not Really

My first mention on another blog - as in someone I've never met! This gal found my site and the tutorial on cupcake bites. She made them for her daughter's cupcake-themed birthday party. Love that! She made my day.

This site was created as a place for me to get my thoughts out as well as share photos and stories with friends and family. It never ceases to amaze me when people I don't know find anything I post interesting. It is few and far between, but I still get surprised whenever it happens.

Great job on a super cute party, Mama's a Mess!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heart Day

Bill and I planned a fun (for us) day just running around. We had a quick bite at Panera and headed up to Woodinville to the former site of Costco Home. Remember our dining room table we're so crazy about? The furniture vendor Ekta Interiors e-mailed us that she has a fresh shipment of new goodies and was back at the furniture store.

We were really looking for a corner hutch or buffet that matches our table. We didn't see exactly what we were looking for, but, we saw so many other fun things! There are pieces that just might work - we just need to give it some thought. I'll warn you this furniture may not be your style, but we LOVE it. It is so unique and such a nice change from much of our Ikea press-board. Not that there is anything wrong with Ikea for many items, but sometimes it feels good purchasing a substantial piece of solid wood furniture.

The majority of her Ekta Interiors' furniture is shipped from India - and each piece is one-of-a-kind. Here are some sneak peeks.

I like that this one has a display on top, but you can hide supplies in the bottom.

This photo doesn't do this bookcase justice. The side pieces are basically logs and the carved design at the top... I just couldn't stop looking at it.

This one is just great, but I don't know that we'd have enough wine to display on the lower racks, but I love the look.

I really, really like this one. But, I think it might be too big for the space.

OK, maybe I don't need a bookcase, but I LOVE this!

OK, if I haven't lost you already, you will probably think we are crazy when we tell you we actually came home with this one. It is currently in our office and the new home for our office supplies. It is the perfect little cabinet for what we've been looking for.

We also picked up two new dining room chairs. I am excited to say we can now seat ten at our mammoth table! Her prices have come down a little bit so we were pretty excited about that.

After shopping, we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue. Bill picked out the crab wontons...

And, we split Chris Rock's favorite sandwich - the shrimp and bacon club. (I had such trouble getting a good shot of this sandwich so I'm cheating and posting a pic I found on an internet search.

We left without cheesecake, but did a little shopping around Bellevue and stopped in Tacoma at Hello Cupcake (remember these from my bridal shower)?

We took a few home for us and a few to share. They are so beautiful.

Ask Bill what he thinks when his wife photographs food in restaurants and bakeries. Actually, don't listen to him. Secretly, I think he likes it. :-)

All in all, a great Valentine's Day. I love you Bill with all my heart. Here's sending my love out to all my dearest friends and family - since today is all about LOVE for everyone in our lives.

Happy Heart Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dinner with Long-Time Friends

My forever friend Cameron and his wife, two kids are in town this week from Texas. Bill and I along with Cameron's family, parents and another high school friend's family got together last night at Pellegrinos. Cameron and I have been friends since we were kids. He and our buddy Mike have always been like brothers to me. One of my funniest memories of Cameron is in our college days when I picked him up for one of our trips to head back across the mountains from school in Pullman. We had the Nissan loaded down with our luggage and such along with his kitten Zach and his iguana (what was that thing's name - Pornstar or something?). Cameron was backing out of the driveway and high-centered us on a rock. The cat was yowling and the iguana was creepily scratching in his cardboard box while we waited for a friend to help come jack us off the rock so we could head home. Did I mentioned it was about 11 p.m.? Yeah, it was a long night. Memories.

Back to last night. It was a great dinner and wonderful to finally meet his wife and cute little kiddos. His little guy is definitely a mini-Cam - ornery to boot! Bill and I really enjoyed ourselves and I got tons of pictures of Kate (she loved the camera) and Creighton got in at the end. No pics of his wife Chasity or his parents (dang it - I am so bummed!).

PS: Picasa is really weird about posting this college so I had to have it viewable as a movie. Sorry about that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Afternoon Tangle


Just sitting here minding my own business.

Looking cute and maybe Dad'll give me a treat.

Time for a snooze.

And then who'd ya think gotta come mess with me?

I try to beg him to leave me alone.

But he clocks me a good one when I'm not looking.

People feel sorry for him when we fight. Worry I'm gonna "hurt him". Hey, what about me? I know to move quick when he means business!

He gets me again on my face, but haha cat, you don't even have claws!

I just had to mention it, didn't I? The back ones come out.

Yeah, don't ever feel sorry for Wilson. He gets that crazy look in his eye.

And, I'm ashamed to admit I'm a dog once again whipped by the cat.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

GASP Reunion Part 212

Last night, I had a great time reminiscing with old friends, I mean young friends I've known forever. Two years until our 20th high school reunion? I cannot believe that. Crazy. I do not feel that old - none of us do.

I am so glad these are my high school friends. These are the friends that you don't have to worry about how your makeup looks at the end of the day, that you're still dressed for work or what you order for dinner. These are real girls, they're cool girls and they are the best! Everyone is so different, yet we all connect. I do love that.

Wendy and seven-week old Elaina - she was a doll.

Wendy and me. Wendy and I had this "thing" about watermelons. We wrote each other throughout college decorating the cards and envelopes with watermelon stickers and drawings. We even looked into going to a watermelon festival.

Elishia and Jen laughing it up. We'd spend hours at Elishia's house on Saturday nights in high school watching movies and SNL. I don't know which we thought was more fun - watching the comedy or quoting it ourselves throughout the following week.

Leash, Jen and Krissy - so good to see these girls. Jen made predictions for all of us girls our Senior Year. Her prediction for me was to be a JCPenney model.

Krissy and I used to sit in the living room at our house pouring through old Christmas carol books. She'd play the tunes on her violin and I would sing. Don't say I never warned you I am a DORK!

Precious. We couldn't get enough of this little babe.

You just can't not pet that sweet head.

We were excited Sarah was able to make it. She had to work late.

Sarah and I planned a double-date in high school and had candlelit dinner on her parent's boat. We had grasshopper pie and when we blew out the candles to leave for the dance, wax splatted all over my velvet dress. I went through three pairs of nylons that night. Good times.

Me lovin' on some baby girl. We were having a really good talk.

All the gals - thanks for a great night, ladies!

PS: In high school, we had GASP parties. You know what that stood for, GUYS ARE STUPID PARTIES. Oh yeah. No boys allowed and chocolate a must.


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