Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Makes Halloween FUN!

Hard to believe it is our third Halloween with our little babe. She was a newborn in my arms helping me hand out candy in 2010, in 2011 we made it just a few houses before she split her lip, but this year - she totally got into it.

First - here is Aunt Sue as The Pumpkin (or Aunt Soup as Elyse calls her). She came over to trick or treat with us (and she took pictures). And nope, Elyse wasn't scared of her at all!

Time to get our costume on.

Kaleb from across the street came to trick-or-treat!

All ready to go!

Practicing - "trick or treat!"

Our first house!

 So dang cute.

 She was so excited!

So cute waiting...

 She walked right into this house!

 LOVES ringing the doorbell.

This sucker wasn't allowed to go in the bag...

Ahhh, Tanner and Mallory!! We love them.

Sue LOVED these window shades.

Last stop - DADDY!

It was a GREAT night with our girl. We were blessed that the rain let up and it was a starry night to boot! Our neighborhood is perfect for trick-or-treating. It looked like a movie with all the kiddos running everywhere. It was awesome.

Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Possibly the Last of the "Can You Say" Videos

Elyse's verbal skills have exploded since turning two. It is less repeat after me and more listening to her jabber away! This video was almost three months ago on our first trip in the camp trailer and the only trip that really qualified as camping. I love Anna in the background at the end saying, "Well, I'm gonna walk down to the bathroom..." And someone was blowing their nose in the beginning. Keeping it real. In their defense, they didn't know I was recording!

OK, maybe one more "Can You Say?" is in order. I LOVE how she says cereal. It is my favorite. I asked her in this clip and she didn't really do it. More to come on that!

Can You Say? from Courtney on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

We Are All Turning Two!

It has been so fun being a part of playgroup and watching our babies grow. We started playgroup when they were about five months and now they are all turning two!

Rewind to a month ago... when it was still gorgeous and sunny in the Pacific Northwest. Deanna gets the prize for Most Adventurous and Most Creative party! We all met at the zoo for Lucien's big day. She paid our way, made us little care packages and even served us (parents and kids) a gourmet boxed lunch. It was super fancy and very fun!

Here is Elyse's BFF, Gabby.

The kiddos are ready to roll!

I wasn't kidding when I said BFFs.

These girls were KILLING us with their cuteness. They held hands from exhibit to exhibit. Too sweet!

There was some pulling... But, no one seemed to mind.

Did I mention these two are birthday twins - September 12 Forever!

Precious girls. We are going to miss Gabby while she is in Spokane for four months!

Stinky camel, but he was cool.

Mama Janelle - just before Baby Ava made her early arrival!

More friend lovin'. Hey Taryn - look what Elyse insisted on bringing to the zoo. Her owl purse!

Kelly and Lydia.


I ended up with lots of pictures of them from behind.

But, they are so dang cute.

Luke and Erin.

There was a baby tiger at the zoo. The crowd was pretty big in front, so we settled on petting some tiger fur.

Gabby, do you want a drink of water?

Oh my, this took some wrangling to get a group pic. It didn't even turn out that great, but here are our kiddos. Birthday Boy Lucien and all!

Slide Time!

Lydia had the coolest static cling hair!

Time for lunch. Wow, was it awesome!

We had a variety of sandwiches, mini condiments, strawberries, amazing pasta salad, drinks and more! Great job, Deanna!

Milling about.

Coolers are fun.

Even more lovin'.

Last, but not least, super cutie pie Luke.

Great day with wonderful friends. Thanks, Deanna and thanks everyone for coming!
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