Sunday, March 15, 2009



Yesterday, we got to spend the evening with our favorite 17-month-old. Yes, our nephew Carson came for a visit. He was so cute. I loved hearing him running around the house, "Buppy, Buppy" chasing after Libby and turning around to us and saying hello - "Heh-Dow..." He was really into the dog kennel. This gave him a good thirty minutes of entertainment. He really liked when he'd swing the door shut and I'd call after him - Carson! Carson! He'd giggle like crazy! He started getting a bit cranky in the early evening and I was fortunate enough to get cuddle time with him and he went to sleep with me. Love that!

His Mom and Dad were at a wedding and when they returned he eventually woke up and it was Round 2 of playtime. Here are some videos of him with Libby - those two were terribly cute together.


For dinner last night we had homemade pizza. It was actually my first time doing it - not sure why. I guess it just seemed like a lot of trouble. But, I've had a hankering for it lately as I've avoided it because it is generally so high in fat and calories. My solution is in the form of a Devin Alexander re-creation of Pizza Hut supreme pizza. I made the dough the night before and the next day just roasted some veggies - mushrooms, red onion and bell peppers, added some turkey pepperoni and reduced fat mozzarella. It was very good, not terribly time consuming and it makes me very happy it was both inexpensive AND healthy - two of my focuses this year!

And then...

We woke up to this. Wow, this just doesn't happen in the Northwest.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bike Happy

We finally did it. We went to Old Town Bicycle yesterday and left owners of two new road bikes! We've only been planning this for a year, but we waited until we comfortably had the money and the time was right.

After moving into our home August 2007, we quickly found living next to a paved trail definitely had its benefits. We were telling friends last night about our first bike trip after we moved in. Bill had adjusted his old mountain bike for me to ride. It didn't fit me super well, but it worked. We road on the trail and then back on the road toward home. I was pretty nervous riding on the 50 mph road. As we turned the corner I saw the road begin an incline - which began to feel like a massively giant hill. I was huffing up the hill and as next thing you know I'd jumped off, tossed the bike aside and was crawling on my hands and knees into the ditch - and oh yes - throwing up. Bill asked if we should call our friend Evelyn to come get me. Oh no, I can do this. And I did - I somehow got myself the rest of the way home. Sore bottom, queasy stomach, embarrassed - but I did it! Not such a positive move in the bike riding direction.
That Spring we got back on the bikes and we had a little more "basics" instruction. OK a hill is coming - pedal, pedal, pedal - keep downshifting... We purchased a new split gel seat - or saddle as my friend Ann reminds me. Between the new saddle, adjusting it properly and just getting out there more often, my rear end was much happier! Preparing for hills and shifting properly made them something I could achieve. I was even going out on my own and we were both really enjoying ourselves. We started discussing working toward getting actual road bikes that would be much easier for riding longer distances. Bill would like to ride the Seattle to Portland one day. I would just like to ride greater distances on a bike designed for this purpose. Comfort. Yeah, that works for me.

So, daylight savings is coming. It is now March. We have new bikes. Good times.

This is Bill's new bike. He actually got to bring his home yesterday and went on a 25 mile ride this morning with his sister. He is in love. I'm surprised he didn't sleep in the garage with it.
This is mine. She's still in the box at Old Town. But, she'll be assembled soon and I'll get to try her out by next weekend.
PS: Did I mention Bill saw a MOUNTAIN LION on the trail this morning! Eeeks! This bike better let me go very fast!


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