Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

We had our traditional dress-up play group. The kids were so cute!

Then came Halloween night. Our little Snow White princess.

Lucien and his family came to trick-or-treat with us. We love this family!

LOVE this one.

Tirkos were the first stop.

The kids were so excited. Many pictures are blurry because they were running with excitement!

They hadn't even eaten their candy yet!

Lucien loved ringing the doorbell. At one house he stood on a pumpkin to ring it. Elyse would say, "Trick or Treating" or "Happy Halloween Costume". So cute.

Super fun to see Miss Kim and fam.

And we love Tanner!

JR was so sweet.

This picture says it all!

Happy Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hands On Children's Museum

I've already shared Elyse's super fun birthday party. It was held the weekend before the actual day. At the last minute, Bill and I decided it would be fun to do something small on her birthday, September 12. She was with Gram-E that day and I picked her up early. I took her to the Hands On Children's Museum (awesome annual subscription birthday present - thank you, Grandpa Brad and Grandma Deanie!!). Daddy met us there and we played until dinnertime. We had one of our favorites for dinner - cheeseburgers - at Eagan's. It was a beautiful day and fun with our little family.

None of the pictures really came out well, but they help capture the memory of our girl-on-the-go running around each exhibit. It was hard to keep up!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brand New

If I were to "hit and big" and not have to work, there'd be a variety of things I would want to do with my time. One of them would most definitely include photography.

I had the honor of photographing my friend's newborn daughter this weekend. As her due date neared, she asked me if I would take newborn pictures for her. It brought back sweet memories. I took pictures of her big brother just two years ago!

Here is big brother Baby O - July 2011.

It was such fun to breathe in a tiny baby, catch up with my friend and creatively work together to think of great shots. Our main job remained keeping Baby Girl happy - lots of feeding breaks and realizing she is different from Big Brother (she did not like being on her tummy). Here are a few shots from my morning with sweet Baby A. Just ten days old.

Here with Mama and Daddy's rings.

Handmade by a special friend.

Pretty in pink.

Pearls were worn on Mommy's wedding day.

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