Friday, October 25, 2013

Day at the Farm: Remlinger

I have a friend who lives in Florida who sadly mourns her days in Washington when this time of year rolls around. Not everywhere in the world has a choice of which pumpkin patch to go to in October, a corner stand selling hot apple fritters and golden leaves falling from the trees. It really is gorgeous here and it always helps me ease the sadness of the end of summer when it means it is time for pumpkin spice lattes and cozy scarves.

In August, we went to Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah. I absolutely loved it and a friend said, "If you love Fox Hollow, you should go to Remingler. It is the same thing, but ten times bigger". It was fun to visit the farm in the summertime with new kittens in the barn and sunscreen on our noses. But, I was excited to try Remingler in the Fall.

One Sunday morning, I woke up early, about 4:30 a.m. I laid there thinking it might be a good day for a drive. As soon as Bill stirred, I whispered, "Want to take Elyse to Carnation today? They have a great farm there and we could get there soon after it opens".

We loved it. It was well worth the drive. It is not as quaint as Fox Hollow and more expensive, however, there is much more to do. $16.75 admission covered everything inside (minus the food) and for a larger family, you could get more for your money. However, we loved it and I would go back!

They had a real stream engine train, several (ten plus) rides for smaller children including antique cars the kids can "drive". They had: antique/craft market, restaurant, little food booths (doughnut holes, burgers, etc.) deli/store, bounce houses, slide, big and small mazes and Elyse's favorite, pony rides. We didn't do the bigger kid maze, nor did we see a show or go to the pumpkin patch. But, as you can see, we had plenty to do!

Family photo opp.

Back story: they had this little photo backdrop set up. Families took turns handing off their cameras. I handed my camera to this woman. As I handed mine to her, I looked at her powerful camera (amazing lens, flash diffuser, etc.), I admit, I quickly made an assumption given her gear and said excitedly, "Oooh, you can shoot in manual!!" She looked at me in fright and said, "Umm, nooo." I just smiled - "Oh, no problem!" It still turned out OK. Thank you, lady I don't know!

Elyse went through the mini maze and into the big pile of hay.

Funny girl. She did NOT like hay in her boots.

But, tunnels were good.

Waiting in line for rides.

This was popular!

She wanted to ride this mini ferris wheel. However, it wasn't big enough for adults and we were worried (OK, I was worried) she'd get scared. So, we distracted her toward this ride instead.

So happy!

Fun canoe ride.

Pony ride on Coconut.

This was a fun adventure. This place has been around for years, yet I'd never heard of it. Looking forward to going back.

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