Monday, October 28, 2013

Brand New

If I were to "hit and big" and not have to work, there'd be a variety of things I would want to do with my time. One of them would most definitely include photography.

I had the honor of photographing my friend's newborn daughter this weekend. As her due date neared, she asked me if I would take newborn pictures for her. It brought back sweet memories. I took pictures of her big brother just two years ago!

Here is big brother Baby O - July 2011.

It was such fun to breathe in a tiny baby, catch up with my friend and creatively work together to think of great shots. Our main job remained keeping Baby Girl happy - lots of feeding breaks and realizing she is different from Big Brother (she did not like being on her tummy). Here are a few shots from my morning with sweet Baby A. Just ten days old.

Here with Mama and Daddy's rings.

Handmade by a special friend.

Pretty in pink.

Pearls were worn on Mommy's wedding day.

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Candice Cronan said...

Wow these pictures are gorgeous! What an adorable little model :)

May I ask what kind of camera/lens/editing software you use??

Courtney said...

Thank you, Candice! I have a Nikon d90. I used a 50mm prime lens and edited in Photoshop Elements.


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