Monday, October 14, 2013

Elyse's Third Birthday Party

My Aunt Sue asked me when I was going to post pictures of the circus. I told her that blogging could be a little like housecleaning. Sometimes your house gets so messy it just feels overwhelming and you just keep adding to the mess. The only way to clean it is to start with one room at a time. So, forgive my tardiness. The overwhelming thing about this post is all the pictures, so I'll do my best to pull out the good ones - but I will warn you. There are a LOT.

Elyse's party was a tremendous success. She got to wear her princess dress. Her cake was successful. Cupcakes were a hit and the brunch foods were well-devoured. The topper was the beautiful sunshine that made it an absolutely fantastic morning.

I started baking early. The weekend before I made the vanilla bean scones, snickerdoodle muffins and the cupcakes and popped them in the freezer.

The party was Sunday morning and Friday night I made the cake. Anna was coming to help  me the next day, but could I wait for her? No.... I had to experiment myself.

Cake #1. FAIL.
I was dying laughing as I sent this pic to Anna who responded: "OMG".

I had lots of cake mix. Made new cake and Anna to the rescue the next day.


Little Missy the morning of her party watching Cinderella. She thought she was pretty cool!

It is all coming together!

Princess Barbie turned out OK. She's got a LOT of frosting to cover her imperfections, but we did alright!

The princess.

The food.

We were excited to see my Dad! 

Baby Ava.

Blue eyed boys - cousin Jaxin and Uncle Corey.

Libby nose-to-nose with Uncle Jordan.

She kept running inside worried about grass getting on her princess dress. So cute!

Jordan and mini-me Lucien.

Love this kid!

Janelle and Ava.
Bubble machine and trampoline - good times!

Homemade bubbles in a bucket + bubble wands = fun for everyone!

Tanner has always been so sweet and kind to the littler ones.

Grandpas and Uncle.

Tiara adjustment time.


Lucien was so excited about his gift for Elyse. And Elyse was confused because she thought it was for him. CUTE!

Barbie bike with seat for baby from Grandpa Jay. BIG HIT!

Aunt Keri helping with the helmet.

She was so thrilled!

Grandma Jo made Elyse a photo album and showed Dad.

Grandma love.

That cake was ridiculously heavy. If I look serious, it is because I was very afraid of dropping it!

All decked out.

Aunt Sue the photographer caught this cool plane flying overhead.

Love Aunt Soup.


Mmmm cupcakes!

Uncle Scott helping.


The after party hang-out watching cartoons.

One of the rare times in history she asked to take a nap. People were still even at the house. So cute.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on this special day!!! She is still talking about her birthday party and "blowing out the candles!"

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