Monday, July 8, 2013

Day at the Farm

We went to the greatest place this weekend - Fox Hollow Family Farm. I was doing my nightly ritual of reading blogs in Feedly (Goodbye Google Reader) and read about this family's trip to the farm. I had never heard about this place. I pinned it on Pinterest so we could check it out and my friend, Rachel, commented saying she had been and how great it was. I mentioned it to Bill Sunday morning and we got ready and headed out the door. This place is fantastic.

Ten dollars a person to get in and it covers everything inside. Well worth the trip to Issaquah and well worth $30. I feel that you spend more at the county fair and here you get real quality time with the animals, enjoy a clean, well-cared for location, fun and safe toys and an all-around enjoyable time.

GOATS. Does it get any cuter than baby goats?

TRAIN. Time to ride the train!

BUNNIES. Baby bunnies of course!

PIGS. Can you see the baby pig running underneath the picnic table? This was the runt of the litter. He was the size of a mouse when he was born and all his brothers and sisters were the size of kittens. His family was inside the pen, but he was happily running all around. So cute.

HORSES. No pony rides that day, but we still got to pet plenty of horses. They were so friendly!

CATS. And "baby kitties" as Elyse called them. Here is the mama.

PLAYHOUSES. These houses were nicer than most actual homes. Very impressive. There were three of them and the upstairs led to a slide out the side window. Elyse spent a lot of time here.

INFLATABLES. They had enormous inflatable bounce houses and slides. Elyse wasn't so sure about this slide. It was super steep.

Mama was right behind her.

It was unexpectedly fast and I worried I was going to slam into her. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard!

SCENERY. Such a beautiful location.

Not pictured: pony rides, drivable cars, Sweet Shoppe with cotton candy and shaved iced stand. Picnic areas, little critters wandering everywhere (a fluffly bunny was chomping hydrangeas as we watched Elyse play)...and more.

This farm was picture perfect. Can't wait to go back!

PS: Bring your own hand sanitizer. They have some on your way out, but you will want it as you go along.
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