Monday, July 15, 2013


I am broken-hearted to share that my Aunt Vickie passed away this morning at 11:10 a.m. I am stunned.

It is my normal Monday afternoon time to be working during naptime, but my password has changed and I can't get my e-mail. I am feeling numb. My mind is racing anyway and not sure how productive I'd be. So thankful to be home.

I will share the only thing of today that gives me encouragement. Today Vickie's great-grandson, Adrion, was with us. He laughed and played and ate with Elyse and her friends. I literally have pictures of him during the time his grandmother was leaving for heaven. That gives me some encouragement. I know Vickie would have loved that. I love that he is here - napping peacefully in our spare room to give his Mama time with her Mom.

Here are my joys of today. I love you, Aunt Vickie.

Baby Scarlett with the legs of squishy preciousness.

Watermelon is best on a day like today.

These two are so sweet together.

The garbage truck was a hit. Nate started the trend of watching the truck from the fence.

Lucien and the ladies.

Sweet Katherine.

Newest member of our group - Baby Levi. Not even one week old.

More garbage truck viewing.

Adrion was so good - fit right in!


Together they are too much.

Today started out to be a happy day - it is my dear friend, Evelyn's birthday. Today reminds me that the only thing that gets us through the pain that comes in life - are the joys. We just can't forget to notice them.Thank you, God, for giving us sunshine on difficult days.

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