Saturday, February 6, 2010

GASP Reunion Part 212

Last night, I had a great time reminiscing with old friends, I mean young friends I've known forever. Two years until our 20th high school reunion? I cannot believe that. Crazy. I do not feel that old - none of us do.

I am so glad these are my high school friends. These are the friends that you don't have to worry about how your makeup looks at the end of the day, that you're still dressed for work or what you order for dinner. These are real girls, they're cool girls and they are the best! Everyone is so different, yet we all connect. I do love that.

Wendy and seven-week old Elaina - she was a doll.

Wendy and me. Wendy and I had this "thing" about watermelons. We wrote each other throughout college decorating the cards and envelopes with watermelon stickers and drawings. We even looked into going to a watermelon festival.

Elishia and Jen laughing it up. We'd spend hours at Elishia's house on Saturday nights in high school watching movies and SNL. I don't know which we thought was more fun - watching the comedy or quoting it ourselves throughout the following week.

Leash, Jen and Krissy - so good to see these girls. Jen made predictions for all of us girls our Senior Year. Her prediction for me was to be a JCPenney model.

Krissy and I used to sit in the living room at our house pouring through old Christmas carol books. She'd play the tunes on her violin and I would sing. Don't say I never warned you I am a DORK!

Precious. We couldn't get enough of this little babe.

You just can't not pet that sweet head.

We were excited Sarah was able to make it. She had to work late.

Sarah and I planned a double-date in high school and had candlelit dinner on her parent's boat. We had grasshopper pie and when we blew out the candles to leave for the dance, wax splatted all over my velvet dress. I went through three pairs of nylons that night. Good times.

Me lovin' on some baby girl. We were having a really good talk.

All the gals - thanks for a great night, ladies!

PS: In high school, we had GASP parties. You know what that stood for, GUYS ARE STUPID PARTIES. Oh yeah. No boys allowed and chocolate a must.


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