Monday, October 6, 2008

Five Mile Troopers

The Saturday, October 4th Walk to D'Feet ALS was definitely a success. Our group ended up being: Dad, Scott, Corey, Keri, Carson, Francie, Molli, Tanner, Maggie, OJ, Lynn and me! It was VERY wet. At one point Lynn said to me, "At least it isn't windy on top of the rain...." Well, we spoke too soon! It became increasingly more blustery, soaking our shoes and socks and tossing around our umbrellas (for those of us carrying them). The kids weren't very happy by the end of the walk - actually Carson held up the best. But, we did it.

We walked for ALS - for those just diagnosed, those currently suffering, for those who have lost their battles - and for Mom. We felt her presence heavily that morning. We laughed and cried for her and certainly - we missed her.

Afterward, in true Mom-fashion - we went to Mexican. It was Dad, Scott, the girls and I and we had a great lunch at
The Matador in Tacoma. It is my new favorite Mexican restaurant. Jessica and I discovered it during bargaining last year. Have you tried it? It is very delish!

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