Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Look Into Our Wedding Reception

The Cake Gardenias and edible shells...
Table Centerpieces
The D---- Family...There is actually a better pic, but I think this one is funny and typical!
Bill's godparents - I love this photo! Chatting with Sue Our nieces and nephews. Oh, how we love them!
Mom would have loved this picture - I do too.
She always said Corey gives the best hugs - she's right!

There is more of course, but that gives you an idea. Thanks to our great photographer - Lyndsey Pearson. Check out her site... We were fortunate to have Lyndsey take our photographs. Lyndsey is my friend Heather's little sister. I was so pleased it worked out and she did a wonderful job. Lyndsey was able to capture many of you - and your children. So, be assured - if we were fortunate enough to get photos of you, we will share the bounty!

A sincere thank you to all. I can't tell you how much it meant to us to have you celebrate with us. We knew a Friday night wasn't an ideal time for people to attend. I know many of you traveled to be here, raced here from work and the million other reasons it might have made it difficult to attend - so thank you! It was hard to be able to visit with everyone - that made it hard. But, it was incredibly meaningful that you took the time to attend. We felt very happy and loved. It was great to come home and share our happiness with our friends and family. And also to those who let us know they weren't able attend, but held us in their hearts - as they say in Fiji - Vinaka!


Sara said...

These photos are AMAZING! They are all wonderful!!

Jane said...

What a gorgeous girl, what a beautiful family.


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