Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Hole Punchers

This weekend Tom and Molli had a rare weekend away together and Tanner and Maggie came to spend it with us. Bill made ribs for Saturday night on his new Traeger smoker/grill. Man, he loves that thing and the results have definitely been delish! Fred and Francie came over with Bill's Aunt Julie and cousins, Mike and Amy, here visiting from Utah. It was our first big meal at the new table (woo woo). Ribs + kids + carpet = disaster, so we'd planned to set the kids up in the family room. Tanner wasn't so into that, so Amy helped me rig up a system to allow them to eat with us and save the carpet in the dining room (who puts carpet in a dining room anyway??).
Somehow Uncle Bill is always good at making up games with the kids. Below is the run and crash - "hole puncher" game they played with him.

Good times!


Sara said...

Really? Are you the BEST aunt and uncle EVER?! How Blessed are your nieces and nephews?!

I've been wondering how the grill gift was received. Glad to hear that he was appropriately bemused and excited!

I think we played phone tag a few days back. I called you. You called me. No contact. :( I've got a hankerin' for one of them apple fritters. Maybe we should arrange something one of these Saturdays. I'd love to see you!

Jessica said...

Too funny! The things that entertain kids. Love the Maggie petting the puppy too. So sweet.

Love J


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