Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lopez Getaway

We had a quick, but restful and enjoyable visit with our good friends, Ron and Roxanna. They are still getting settled in their newly built home (moved in just a month ago) on Lopez Island. Their house is just gorgeous - so many personal touches. We are so happy for them. You might remember when we visited them last fall when their house was under construction.

Traffic was a bear on Friday and even though we left in plenty of time, with all of the stop-and-go, we literally missed our ferry by less than a minute. We were disappointed, but that was only temporary. We were on vacation, after all!

It rained almost the entire time, so it gave us time to relax, visit, nap and even watch a movie. They served us great meals featuring their local, organic produce. I brought Roxanna her favorite - PEEPS. Years ago, I hid about 50+ boxes of those babies in her office. She continued finding them throughout the week - tucked in a file drawer, behind a notebook, etc. Good memories.

We really enjoyed ourselves and are thankful they would even like us to come back with Baby D. That will certainly be a disruption to their peace and quiet!

Here is a link to the album of photos. Enjoy and thanks again, R & R!

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