Monday, May 31, 2010

Secret Pink

Almost two years ago, I posted an entry about a pink Kate Spade purse I was coveting. I've admired them from afar for years now.

Well, one came home with me yesterday. It was 30% off with an additional 25% off for Memorial Day. Still not inexpensive, but...she had me at hello. What can I say?

It is hard to tell size from the pic, but it is actually a decent sized purse. And, won't it go well with my super cute diaper bag?

Of course, I have to show you the inside. I love cute inside fabric, especially when it includes pink - whether in a coat, handbag, wallet... I like to call it having your own "secret pink." Not that there is anything secretly pink about this purse.

I still need to post pics from our weekend to Lopez Island, but I thought I'd get this out in the meantime. I'm off to go see Sex and the City 2!


Anonymous said...

Someone please save me from all this pink!!!!!

I'm glad my wife bought ANOTHER Kate Spade purse. It will make her feel so much better when I buy a new mountain bike (full suspension of course).

Stephanie said...

Ha Ha Bill... ;)

Courtney.. I LOVE that purse. A bit too much pink for me, but it seems so you.. and why, yes.. it goes very nicely with your diaper bag!!

Hope you are feeling well and have a good week!


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