Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby: Week 23 and Nursery Progress

Week 23: Baby is still size of a papaya - a growing papaya!

At this point I’ve pretty much adjusted to the fact that I’ve got a moving little gymnast inside of me, but now she is going to kick the party up a notch because she can hear and react to sounds from the outside world. Sounds from my alarm clock, Libby barking, or that darned car honking across the intersection can actually jar her little ears enough to elicit a kick or violent bout of squirming. Baby D's tiny taste buds are still growing, her bones are continuing to ossify (harden) and her tiny veins are visible through her translucent, yet wrinkly skin. 

Probably the biggest change of the week is just this little sweeties' movement. Friday night I went to sleep and her Daddy came to bed super tired and started snoring away and she started kicking - HARD. What a little rhythm those two had going. I tried to go to back to sleep, but just couldn't. She didn't settle down for a while and I was up pretty late. However, it was pretty amazing as it was the first time I could feel her kicks with my hand on my stomach. I find that I have to touch my stomach lightly to try to feel them or she seems to stop kicking. Hmmm, maybe I should try that when I'm attempting to go to sleep!

I am still feeling better - I only had one short period this week where I was feeling a little sickly. I still need to make sure I get something in my stomach first thing, otherwise, I'm doing great!

It also seemed to be the official week of this pregnancy no longer being my little "secret." The world can tell now - it doesn't really matter the outfit. I had someone I knew stop me and ask if I was pregnant and the topper was the barista at Starbucks asking, "When are you due?" Not a surprise really - just a change!

I've made some progress on the nursery - with the help of my husband and friends. As I've mentioned, Marcie and her daughter, Alisha, are helping make the nursery choices. I so appreciate their help. We are slowly transforming the little spare bedroom. Here is where we started:

First, we had to decide on colors. I knew there would be pink. I mean, hellooooo! This is Courtney we are talking about and we're having a girl. No surprise there.

Here is how I settled on colors. I have a quilt block handmade by my Grannie that my cousin framed for me for my wedding reception. Perfect. Pink, orange and green.

Marcie and I found a chair by the roadside for FREE months ago and picked up an ottoman to go along with it (more to come on that for sure). My super creative seamstress friend Jonnita is going to help make it into a slipcover for the chair/ottoman set. I am so excited!

The first step was some fresh paint on the walls. Marcie and Anna agreed to come over Sunday to do the painting. However, a last minute discovery was remembering the ceiling was also the current tan color of the walls. So, Bill was a trooper and took care of that the night before.

The first swipe of color made by Anna the following morning.

Marcie is the master edger... She is very good at this!

Amidst painting, Evelyn stopped by. We had went shopping the day before for fabric. She is making an adorable baby quilt. It is Amy Butler - Midwest Modern (I & 2). I am simply in love with the fabric choices.

Guess what else was an early gift from Evelyn? I cannot even stand it.

Yes, that is a Coach diaper bag. Oh, my gosh. There's more.

Yes. Pink on the inside - my favorite. I am in love and feeling very spoiled. Evelyn, thank you - thank you!

Back to the painting. Here is the finished version. Mythic low VOC paint in Australian Adventure (walls) and Snow White (ceiling). I just LOVE how it turned out.

I'll keep you posted bit by bit, with a full "reveal" later in the summer. Furniture painting is going to happen next week. I am so thankful to all that are helping with these projects. I cannot WAIT to see the final result. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

It looks great!! I LOVE the colors and no surprise. Wow, nice bag!!

Luv u,

busycooking said...

I love the colors. You guys id an amaxing paint job. I love the quilt fabrics. Please show a finish photo of the quilt, okay?


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