Friday, July 18, 2008


It has been a really long week. Wedding invitation preparation fiasco. Family drama. Long days (and nights) for work. Back in the office today with a day packed with meetings. I am so glad it is Friday!
Bill and I head down South for Taryn's wedding tomorrow. I will be ensuring we pay a visit to Nordstrom's while we are in Portland as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale began today and what better way to partake in the sale, but to do it with no tax! I've been excitedly perusing their site seeing all the items that are included in this year's sale. Oh, the Privos I like are on sale. Darn, the Sudini boots didn't make the cut. Hmmmm, nice Semantiks jackets. Bill, look at the Timberlands that are reduced. Then I came across the above item. A pink Kate Spade purse - and on sale! I would never buy it. On sale or not, it is a LOT for a purse, but I had to give it a lovely prominent spot on my site so I could just admire it. Ahhhhh... Retail therapy.

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Bill said...

Step away from the purse!



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