Monday, July 14, 2008

Let the stress begin!

I am starting to get to that stressed-out pre-wedding phase! My friend, Karen, said to me today, "I thought you were going away to get married to avoid the stress?" I responded, "So did I!!" Well, you can't avoid it all and this was one of those weekends!
It didn't start out all bad. Saturday Bill and I went on a real long bike ride (well, real long for me). We rode even farther into Tenino than I've ever gone. It was a good time - good exercise, good conversation and good time in beautiful sunshine.
I got home and showered and went over to my newly reincarnated (from high school) friend, Jessica's house to bake! My friend Karyn recommended using my cherry chips to make chocolate covered cherry cookies. What a grand idea, Jessica and I thought. We tried it and they turned out pretty darn good (for cookies with cherry flavored chips, that is).
Here are they are - fresh from the oven! Below are Jess' cupcakes in their first stage (finished they were covered in a lovely chocolate glaze and filled with chocolate mint - mmm).
Then came Sunday - my wedding invitation assembling party. I took Jonnita's advice and invited everyone who has said to me, "If you need any help from me, Courtney, let me know." If you didn't get invited it just means you didn't lend that key phrase. And if you did and were either invited and didn't come or invited and came - I am sorry either way! :-)
If, I mean when, the invitations are ever finished, I hope and pray they arrive to you in one piece. They are lovely, but just took lots of different steps and lots of adhesive that didn't always want to stick (unless it was to our fingers).
Here is Sue carefully applying little sparkles to the tropical flowers and Grandma Jo watching over her shoulder.
Lynn and Sara carefully gluing and cutting.

Jonnita - the card designer.

Jonnita, Lynn, Sara and Kelly

To Jonnita - I know you are stressing about this project. Don't worry about it! We made this decision together! We WILL get these done. It just might not be 'til August. :-) No, really they are great and I couldn't have done it without you. You've been awesome!
To all who helped yesterday - THANK YOU. You could have been spending that sunny afternoon doing a hundred other things and I even gave you an easy out to not come. But, thank you for coming and laughing with us, calming me down as I stressed through the entire project and just being there for me.
I love you all!
In case you were wondering. No, they are not done. They are maybe...half done. And I don't even have the heart to go look at them in the dining room tonight. Hoping I have more heart for it tomorrow. Am hoping you'll get them by August. In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE for September 12!


The Norris Clan said...

OH YEAH!! So glad you liked the idea, and that they turned out good. I am heading down this week... I would love to see you! Call me. I will email you my cell...

Sara said...

How are they coming? Need any more help? Things are a little hectic this week for me, but let me know if you need some extra hands. Maybe I can take some to my house with me.

lynnk said...

Oh, honey, we love you too or else we would not have spent our LOVELY SUNNY SUNDAY helping out! No seriously, I am really glad you asked. And if you need more help I am happy to do whatever I can. Let me know what new adhesive you come up with ;-)

Stephanie said...

Hi Courtney..

Thanks for finding my blog! I hope someday to meet you... I feel like I know you already, tho! :) From what I understand, Bill is one lucky guy!

I remember the "wedding stresses" so vividly. So much to do... seemed like it would NEVER get done. I also had great friends to help. It made a huge difference.

I really hope you can cherish this time as you prepare for the big day. It only happens once, ya know! :)

Looking forward to hearing all about it via Jody. Tell Bill hi from me and take good care!

xo Stephanie


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