Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two boys and a little lady

We had Tanner and Maggie Friday night and then Carson spent the following morning with us. Carson loved being out in the sunshine. Tanner and Maggie had a special treat when Uncle Bill let them take a bath in the pool, I mean, "big tub." They are so cute and we always enjoy our time with all of them.
Bubble hairdos.

Tanner - enjoying me taking pictures (believe me - this is only one of several).

Carson - Mr. Happy Baby!

Getting love from my three favorite blondies!

Below is a video of Maggie and Tanner coloring and playing with stickers. Although, videotaping couldn't last long. Maggie just couldn't stand it. The second video (my favorite) shows her crawling up my leg so she could see what I was filming!

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Hi! said...

Too funny! They are so obsessed with seeing what is going on . . . Addy doesn't quite realize she is the "baby" she always sees in the pictures. :)


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