Friday, June 20, 2008

Quick Vacay with the Gals

A group of us gals drove to Winthrop for the weekend. Sue's birthday was Sunday and Bill and I got her a Margarator. She was so excited! I brought mix and OJ gave Sue some tequila, so we were set!

Sue and Grandma figuring out the new machine and measuring tequila in the room's coffee pot!
Lisa, Grandma Jo, OJ, Me and Sue
Our toast to everything this weekend is about: Mom, OJ's birthday
(6/17), Sue's birthday (6/22
), friends, family, summer vacations and.... everything else in between!

and just fun pics...


Me said...

Glad YOU got her a present.

Courtney said...

She knows it was from you too - oh silly one! That is why she said thank you!!

Sara said...

is that 'vaca,' as in "short for 'vacation'?" 'Cause I totally read that like 'vaca,' as in "Spanish for 'cow'!"
And next time you make margaritas I want an invitation! :)


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