Sunday, June 8, 2008

Six, Seven, Eight - Part Two

Just a few hours after Carson left, Tanner and Maggie arrived. Tom and Molli had a wedding and Tom was coaching a soccer game that evening, so we had them overnight.

Tanner enjoyed smelling the flowers.

Each and every one of them...

He still enjoys cuddling from time to time -
and I will enjoy it while it lasts..

Soon, Maggie joined in and it turned into
a fun game of "let's not face the camera"
'cause that would be SUPER funny!

Maggie was very upset to find Carson had been there and she'd missed it. So... we were lucky enough that they came back by! She REALLY likes babies and loves to give kisses...

for which Carson wasn't too sure about...

Carson's like, "Hey, guys... Don't you wanna see my roll-over move?"

It was a fun day. We took Tanner and Maggie to Lattin's. Maggie was relieved to find out that the baby goat with the broken leg she'd seen there before was all better! It was an exciting trip - we got to feed leftover scraps to Howard the pig AND feed the goats. Good times!

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