Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not Quitting My Day Job

So.... they're still not done. Thought I'd send you a picture in case you never actually get one to arrive in your mailbox. Seriously, though. Give me a jingle if you are free on Sunday afternoon about 3 p.m. A group of us will be finishing them up! The end is in sight!


Hi! said...

Getting closer . . . I see quite a few done. I'll pop by if Scott is home to watch Addy. I think I might be having Courtney withdrawls this week. :)

The Norris Clan said...

I will repeat your sentiments.... If I were in Oly, I'd be there in a second! :-) I love doing things like that. Good news is you WILL get them done! They are beautiful, anyways...

Anonymous said...

They look FANTASTIC! Let me know if you have any leftovers that need some home-work. I'm free next week.


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