Friday, July 18, 2008

Wilson Training for the Summer Olympics

You would never know that just several hours earlier Wilson was at the vet - growling, hissing, ears flat back and baring his teeth at the poor veterinarian and her tech trying to examine him. He even bit Bill when he was putting him in his carrier. We were both embarrassed by his behavior, but also found it very funny. We couldn't help it. We were supposed to be trying to help keep him calm, but kept cracking up each time he yowled and hissed.

Tonight, its an entirely different story - he's happy as a clam now. I pulled out his favorite toy - the lawn mower pull. I had this great idea of tossing it up onto one of the blades of the ceiling fan. I turned the fan on low - and what grand new excitement that was! I don't know what it is - but watching that cat twirl his head round and round and do acrobatics in the air trying to catch the rope swinging on our ceiling fan was pretty darn funny to us tonight. But, yeah - we don't get out much.

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