Tuesday, October 6, 2009

San Juan Getaway - Part One

Bill and I are sharing in our long awaited and overdue "anniversary/birthday/just go on vacation" getaway to the San Juan Islands.

First stop was to drop Annie off at the senior center - AKA Sue and Scott's. We dropped Libby off next at her doggy daycare. Here is where she sleeps at night.

She loooves this place. She gets to play with the owners' two Newfoundlands, one-year-old St. Bernard and 14-year-old Walter the basset hound plus all the other boarders there for a visit.

She was so excited. She was let loose onto their fenced five-acre property. Way more fun than home.

Then it was time to take off. We stopped at outlets in Mt. Vernon. We took the ferry at Anacortes to Lopez Island.

It was so beautiful - the weather has been awesome.

I got a little bored on the ferry and played with the camera.

We arrived at Lopez and within minutes were at the doorstep of our friends - Ron and Roxanna. I worked with Roxanna several years ago now and she recently retired, sold their house and have been living the "island life" since April 2009. We love them.

They are building the house of their dreams and we had to go check out the progress.

I believe this is the kitchen...

This is the view from their second story. And I had to climb up a scary ladder to take this picture for you.

Ron and Roxanna have two kids - furry ones that is. Meet Baxter and Bailey - yes, they're Goldendoodles.

We went to Shark Reef the next morning. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?

We were excited to see something Ron and Roxanna had never seen before...

Hard to tell from the picture, but it was fun to look through the binoculars and we could sure HEAR them. Huffing, puffing, snorting, spitting water. Huge sea lions sunning themselves. R & R had seen them before, but never so many! We watched them for quite a while.

Then, we went to Agate Beach - (this pic is for Sue).

R & R are collecting rocks for some of the flooring in their new home. Bill helped and I searched for agates for Sue.

We had a great lunch at a little deli sitting outside in the warm sun. We then headed to another park - which we cannot remember the name to save our souls. All we can remember is we called it nudie beach. Yes, we interrupted a male nude swimmer. Rox and I were joking how we could discreetly point our binoculars in his direction. Hehe.

That night we ate at Love Dog Cafe. It was divine! I had chicken with blackberry, shallot, chantrelle sauce. It was wonderful. And, check out our desserts!

Thank you, Ron and Roxanna for a lovely visit. We are so happy you are enjoying your retirement!

More to come... We're having a grand time!

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