Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Juan Getaway - Final Destination

Our last stop was supposed to be Victoria. That was until Bill snagged a ferry brochure at Anacortes and I looked at the charges. Are you kidding me? It would be $160.00 to take the ferry to Victoria! We'd only be there one night and not even have time to do much. We canceled our room and thought of different things we could do.

It was at dinner with Ron and Roxanna that I casually mentioned, "We should have planned to go see Bob and Helen our last night." Ron and Roxanna both urged - YES! I was a little shy calling them about it this late in the game, but they talked us into it. So, that was our plan. We'd leave the San Juans on Friday, stop in at the Premium Outlets and head to Bob and Helens.

Helen and I worked together before both she and Roxanna retired. Those were definitely the "good old days". We had a lot of fun together.

It was so great to see them. First, we spent time catching up and taking a tour of the latest changes they've made to their home. Their house is just amazing. They've paired Bob's love of antique toys and Helen's passion for decorating and anything vintage to create a home that is an amazing showcase. More to come on that.

We went to dinner to a tapas restaurant called Sazerac. It was an amazing dinner and happy hour lasted until 8 p.m., so it was also a fantastic deal. Everything was very good, but the bacon wrapped figs filled with goat cheese with a balsamic reduction - I must say were simply divine!

The next morning Helen made us a lovely breakfast and we spent more time catching up and telling funny stories. OK, here we go. Here are some of the highlights of their home.

The library. This was an idea from Bob's head paired with Helen's creativity. It is gorgeous.

This is a shot of their living room. Check out the beautifully carved marble fireplace.

Here is where we slept - in the Victorian Room. Such a comfortable bed.

Here are their cutie kitties - Hannah Bella, Sherman and Hunter. They weren't allowed to come in our room and they didn't like that much!

Bob was a flight attendant - check out the Pan Am room!

This was Bill's favorite part. Here is where the kitties sleep in the bedroom!

Lastly, here is the most incredible part of their home. Their basement is turned into an amazing toy village and re-creations of their childhood. These are steps downstairs into the Toy Room.

There is music and special lighting. The decoupage to the right was done by Helen and she glued on the beads on polka dots on the bottom.

Toy Town. Each little "closet" area is a different show case.

This is the drugstore - likened after the drugstore Bob's family ran for years in our hometown. If you look closely the clock is not a grandfather. It is a wall clock with painted adornments to make it look like a grandfather clock.

Helen's father owned a butcher shop when she was little. You'll notice the black and white photo on the butcher block. The painting on the wall is a re-creation of the photo. That's her father with the glasses.

Next, was a gift from Helen to Bob. He wasn't allowed to come down the toy room for a while. You can see the photo in the top right and the likeness painted onto the wall. This is Bob as a little boy - priceless!

Of course, you have to have a bank!

And the toys! Bob's greatest passion are antique toy soldiers and sets.

My dear Helen.

I loved this clown Helen found at an auction. It is the kind that would blow up balloons for children from it's mouth.

The kitties kept watch at the top of the stairs. Note, those aren't real drapes behind them - just painted onto the wall.

I mentioned the decoupage on the stairwell? Some of the clippings were from music written by Helen's mother, Hazel. These are the most special touches.

And, most important of all, my friend. I love Helen very much. She is a friend that doesn't have to ask what you need, she just knows. She has my heart.

I was so happy when she met Bob. They are a lovely pair.

Thank you Bob and Helen for such a wonderful visit. It was a pleasure being in your home and sharing in your company!

What a great end to a wonderful week. We're back home now. Furry ones are back where they belong too. Ahhhhh, vacation.

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