Saturday, October 3, 2009

ALS Walk - Everything Went Wrong, But It's Still Alright!

Definitely one of those days when if it can go wrong it will.

Met at the Park 'n Ride. With a caravan of at least five cars to Starbucks. It started pouring!

Then, the directions were wrong. Bill had left first with Francie and Chris and the directions all of us planned to use led you to nothing! Ugh! Just a teensy bit of pressure when you are lost with several cars following you!!

Eventually, we found it. Hooray! And, the rain cleared up!

Carson's walking for his Grandma Kathy.

Shane is all smiles. Love the peanut butter smudges.

It was a little chilly until we started walking.

I love this boy. And, his cousin is pretty cute too. Look at that smile!

Lynn and my cousin, Marshelle. They know better to smile. 'Cause you'd rather have a smiling photo on the blog than the contrary!

The J and my Evelyn.

Keri and me.

Aunt Sue and her nephews and niece.

This picture looked so cute on my camera, but now I see it is a little blurry. Darn!

Uncle Robert and Jeri came! (Sorry about the bad directions, Uncle Robert).

Walkin'. Now, here comes more of the part that went wrong. They didn't have good markers or folks telling you where to go. So, they literally "lost" hundreds of us walking the wrong way! It's all for a good cause though - right?

Brett and Tiff. They came late and couldn't find us, so we didn't see them until the end! Sadness!

The team - Kathy's Crew (well, most of it).

Even though lots went wrong with directions - how to get there, where to walk, etc. - in the end, it was great. We had a bigger team than ever before. Friends and family were there to support Mom and patients and families living with ALS. That is truly what is all about.

We walk because we can!

Love you, Mom.

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Sara said...

So glad it all ended well. Hope I can join you next year - maybe even with a few tagalongs! :)


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