Wednesday, October 7, 2009

San Juan Getaway - Part Deux

After Lopez, we went to Orcas Island. We checked into our hotel and were a little disappointed in the accommodations. The biggest problem was not the towel left from a previous guest or the old furnishings. No, it was the fact they had no water, but assured us it would be back soon. We dropped off our things and headed out to explore - hoping for the best.

Our first stop was Mount Constitution. Wow. Wow. Wow. This place was breathtaking.

Get a load of this guy hanging out just by the edge of the railing. Rox, did this look like your visitor? Yikes.

Prepare yourself for gratuitous scenery shots. I could not help myself.

Check out the rainfall in Washington State. Now THAT is depressing!

We headed back to our room and guess what? No water. The lady was none too happy when we told her we couldn't stay there. We called the hotel on San Juan where we had reservations the next two nights and were able to get in a day early at the same rate. Sorry, Orcas Island, but a hotel where we aren't assured a shower or even a bathroom just isn't going to work for us. So, we were back in the ferry line.

Friday Harbor is beautiful and our hotel is amazing! Jetted tub, gas fireplace, balcony with view of the harbor... We're in love.

Before we left, I searched "San Juan" on Well, guess what showed up? Turns out Rachael Ray spent a day here!! Now, you know I had to go to some of the places she went.

First stop on the RR tour, Krystal Acres alpaca farm. We really enjoyed meeting and talking to the woman who runs the farm. I liked hearing about how they sold everything to take on this business eight years ago. She also told me all about when Rachael and her crew showed up. She even showed me the things she purchased. I loved her things, but without the celebrity salary, we just bought socks! :-)

The farm was just beautiful.

The alpacas were cute, but they don't like people we learned. Now, where's the fun in that?

Here is their home on the property. I can picture OJ loving it here.

Next, we went to Roche Harbor and walked along looking at all the boats.

Roche Harbor is just beautiful in the fall. But, given the time of year, everything was pretty buttoned up. We had lunch at the one place open.

Another Rachael Ray stop on the tour, was Pelindaba Lavender Farm.

We tried lavender chocolate, lavender honey and even spicy lavender peach chipotle.

We went to the whale museum next to our hotel and had an ice cream cone downtown. Tonight we'll be laying low and having a late dinner. Afterward, we'll be watching this...

I do have a great husband. More to come...

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