Sunday, October 11, 2009

San Juan Getaway - Part Three

The next day we did some trekking around the island. We went to the English Camp. Here's the story.

We walked up a very steep hill that just kept going. I'd be complaining, but couldn't given how we'd eaten over the week. I needed this work! At the top of the hill was this small cemetery on a huge lookout. Beautiful.

We went to American Camp next.

It was very beautiful there.

Next we went to Lime Kiln State Park that had a lookout for whale watching. Everyone told us though that this wasn't a good time to spot whales, so we didn't have our hopes up. However, we reached the lookout and heard a couple excitedly tell us, "We have whales!" We looked out in anticipation... It was great, except we were missing something pretty important. My advice to you before you go on a trip to the San Juan Islands - bring, borrow or buy BINOCULARS. Pretty important item. Without these babies what we were told were whales looked like tiny black specks bobbing in the water. Without the tip, we surely would have thought they were seals or even birds that far away. I didn't even take a picture.

And we move on...

The park was beautiful.

Bill loves to make me nervous.

But, I still love him.

The lighthouse...

Next thing you know, it was time to say goodbye to our room at Friday Harbor House. I took this picture of our room number for Evelyn.

We waved goodbye to the San Juans. It was a lovely, satisfying and enjoyable trip. We really had a great time and cannot believe we've never spent time there before. We'll be back.

One more leg of the trip left. More to come.

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